So, You Are Eating Healthy Food, But Mysterious Aches and Pains’ Keep Returning: What I Found…

If you’ve gone to your doctor and you still feel lousy, it might be because of something you never even suspected. I have learned this to be true through my own life experience. I am therefore certain how one thinks and believes does affect our emotions as well as physical body for better or worse. We can actually make ourselves feel sick or depressed when we worry and become excessively anxious.

‘If you work at a job you hate, it’s time to learn what you love to do to make an income…’ ~ your author

You have likely heard about manifesting what you want in life through mental attraction techniques. There’s what seems a million and one books out there for sale about this very subject.

“I feel most of these authors write these kinds of books only to make money. Furthermore, I don’t feel they haven’t experienced their own real life solution, and that their message is only an idea they may have ‘borrowed’ from other positive thinking or mental attraction book writers…” ~ your author

I have only found one teacher who has taught a practical technique how to make things one wants materialize in his own life. His name is Neville Goddard. His chapter, on I believe, page 157 named ‘Imagination creates reality’ will explain in detail.

‘It seems how we think attracts more better or worse…’ ~ your author

Now, I know this post isn’t about diet, but it does have a lot to do about our mental state of health. In a nutshell, ‘what one believes makes his life so’.

‘Some people don’t watch TV, anymore. I better understand why when I turn on the nightly TV news…’ ~ your author

What one believes is his truth, good or bad. What I’ve been doing when I want something in my life, I feel the feeling what it would be like as if I already have it. As Goddard promises, if one stays true in his belief, he will receive it. Just like planting a seed, it will bear its fruit, eventually.

Bear in mind that some things happen soon, other things take more time. But, be sure to ignore the evidence of logic and reason, as those creative powers of this infinite universe has ways and means of getting you what you want far beyond our understanding.

‘You may be getting too much caffeine from coffee, so you might want to try Japanese green tea instead and feel more peaceful and serene’ ~ your author

Note- I am not a mental health or professional nutritionist and cannot guarantee results. Use your own judgement, but be mindful there is no shame seeking counsel of a marriage and family therapist. And, finally, listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

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