I avoid all starchy grains (rice, corn, wheat, barley, rye, quinoa and all the others) and tubers like potatoes these days. Why? It’s what they do to my body. It seems that the longer I am a vegetarian, the sooner my body gives clues to what to eat and not.

I have been experimenting eating rice, bread and potatoes for quite a long time now and I am learning everyday, but I am finally fine tuning my diet and hopefully passing along a few good tips.

‘Starchy foods make me feel tired. When I eat simple carbs like fruit, this doesn’t happen. I once thought grains and potatoes satiated me, but I might have been wrong about that. Starches don’t seem to give me energy, strength and stamina while fruit and other vegetables do…’ ~ your author

In the past, I’ve read many health and diet books. Hundreds went eventually in the trash. But, one stood out about a certain doctor who lived almost to 100 years old. He is the one who invented a hydraulic press juicer.

It’s basically a juicing machine that grinds up the produce, then presses juice out from the fiber under great hydraulic pressure that it extracts more nutrients than other juicers do.

‘If you get tired after eating certain foods, you might want to do an experiment and do without them for a while and see if you feel more energetic…’ ~ your author

I personally don’t believe one needs to buy an expensive fancy juicing machine. In my opinion, chewing with our teeth does the job quite adequately. However, I do make a daily green smoothie using my ordinary blending machine.

‘I no longer eat wheat products (and, all other grains) because of Gluten, no more rice because of Arsenic and potatoes have Glycoalkaloids and are members of the nightshade variety. I actually feel much healthier, have more energy, and am stronger. Remember, there are no special nutrients in grain and potatoes. There are plenty of other plant based whole foods you can eat that are nutritionally superior. In other words, if you do have a choice, which we do, choose the most nutritious plant based food to eat…’ ~ your author

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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