Why I Decided Not To Eat Organic and Regular Potatoes (green or not) Anymore…

I used to eat organic potatoes because I learned regular potatoes were sprayed with toxic chemicals. But, I kept getting green potatoes when I bought them organic. So, I went back to regular potatoes and made sure I peeled them. But, when you peel fruits and vegetables you are peeling away nutrients.

‘I experimented eating potatoes, rice and wheat bread for years only to find out I was sensitive to all three. I did though especially love potatoes and wheat products. Rice, I was never too wild about, but it did fill me up… But, I might go back to eating Food for Life® Ezekiel bread’. ~ your author

It was confusing which one brought harm to me and in what way, but through research I found each had at least one bad substance or ingredient which could have possibly caused me problems or may result in some future unexplained health ailment or condition.

For example, rice has arsenic. But, how much arsenic is too much? Do we want a tablespoon of it or just one teaspoon? As it turns out, there is no amount deemed safe to consume by our government. So, I reasoned… Is any amount of poisoning such a good thing? There are other foods more nutritious without arsenic or other potentially harmful ingredients.

Furthermore, I discovered wheat gluten affects me, in that I think it causes me leaky gut. This is where things get into your body which shouldn’t. Potatoes have glycoalkaloids, of which two of these concern me: a-solanine and a-chaconine. See for yourself what you think by reading this PDF I found… Potato glycoalkaloids.

Potato glycoalkaloids: true safety or false sense of security?

‘This discussion suggests that potato GAs, particularly solanine and chaconine, are extremely toxic to humans and animals, and that this problem should no longer be ignored as it could turn into a serious health threat’ [1 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15036866]’.

I know that all this information can make you feel like you are going around in circles. It gets confusing because one source says one thing and another says something else. In the end result, you just have to listen to how your body feels. And, it may take some time. But, in doing so, this could increase your years on earth, make you feel a whole lot better and keep you out of the hospital.

Source- URL ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15036866
Website Title Trends in biotechnology
Publication Month March
Publication Year 2004
Access Day 14
Access Month february
Access Year 2020
Article Title Potato glycoalkaloids: true safety or false sense of security?

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. Before you give up an entire food group because you think it is unhealthy in some way, you might want to undergo an elimination test or even get tested for allergic reactions by your doctor. I am only a layman and I could be wrong in food choices I do not eat anymore, because there is always that speck of doubt that lingers I could be wrong. It has taken years in my own trial and error with food for me to realize what I should or shouldn’t eat. The main culprit foods are potatoes, rice, wheat and other grains. The obvious bad foods have been already determined by many experts to be many refined and processed foods with certain additives and preservatives. These may cause conditions, ailments and disease in some people. Most common inflammation triggers are known to be dairy, corn, meat, wheat, oats, barley, rye, eggs, citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, nuts, coffee and other foods that contain lectins and/or are of the nightshade variety. So, don’t stop eating an entire food group before you are absolutely sure it is causing what is ailing you. We want to eat healthy food and feel full and satisfied, and not go hungry! Be sure if you can to buy your produce organic and/or non GMO, but don’t go without if you can’t get it. Be sure to ask your store to get it for you, otherwise, you might want to choose substitutes which are known to be cleaner. Go to EWG to get your list of the cleanest fruits and vegetables.

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