When Do You Know Your Diet Is ‘Helping or Hurting’ You? What To Look For…

There are a few obvious clues as to whether your diet is helping you or not. How do you feel? Do you feel as good as you used to? Maybe, you really never felt that good at all. Do you go to the doctor all the time with every ache and pain? Are you too skinny or overweight? Do you have low energy? I believe these are all prompts we are called by our bodies to listen intently to.

There is an incredible amount of health information available over the internet. Much of it is contradicting and confusing and we are left to ourselves to sort it all out. It’s amazing how one authority will say one thing and another will say something else! What’s true and what’s not? Again, we are on our own, especially when most doctors aren’t trained in nutrition and are very eager to prescribe a pill for you to take.

‘These days, I eat simply because I have learned through much trial and error it’s good for what ails me…’ ~ your author

According to some of the so called authoritative sources on diet and health, healthy food can prevent, even cure certain ailments, conditions and disease. They say it has been proven so through scientific research. Therefore, on the other hand, unhealthy foods over time can and will destroy your health and body.

‘I actually feel much better without most starchy food like the white potato, wheat bread and brown rice. They are on the higher glycemic side. You might want to take a look at this PDF, here…’ ~ your author

In my opinion, from what I’ve experienced, feeling healthy and strong and how much I weigh depends upon eating plant based whole food, cooked and uncooked. Yet, I keep my cooked food to a bare minimum. Although, you might call me a vegan, I am not totally a ‘raw foodist’.

‘After the hamburger commercial a prescription medicine commercial follows. Do you think there’s a connection between these two’? ~ your author

Here’s how I eat these days…

  • In the morning I eat berries like strawberries and blackberries
  • For lunch I eat vegetable soup with beans in it or beans and salsa on the side
  • I add a large green salad with balsamic vinegar to my lunch
  • I put other things on top my salad like scallions, sauerkraut, pepperoncini, shredded cabbage, olives, spinach, sliced red bell pepper and about anything else on hand I can think to add that adds pizzazz!
  • A couple times a week I eat an avocado
  • Through years of testing how I feel after eating starchy foods like rice, potatoes and wheat pasta or bread, I no longer include these in my diet. But, I might go back to eating Food for Life® Ezekiel bread
  • If I get hungry during the day in between meals, I eat fruit like a banana
  • I cut the rest of my wife’s apple off its core
  • We have a green smoothie
  • For dinner, I eat a salad
  • I also eat vegetable soup with beans or add beans and salsa separate
  • If my wife eats steamed broccoli, she gives me a little and I throw it in with my soup or add it to eat with my beans

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. Before you give up an entire food group because you think it is unhealthy in some way, you might want to undergo an elimination test or even get tested for allergic reactions by your doctor. I am only a layman and I could be wrong in food choices I do not eat anymore, because there is always that speck of doubt that lingers I could be wrong. It has taken years in my own trial and error with food for me to realize what I should or shouldn’t eat. The main culprit foods are potatoes, rice, wheat and other grains. The obvious bad foods have been already determined by many experts to be many refined and processed foods with certain additives and preservatives. These may cause conditions, ailments and disease in some people. Most common inflammation triggers are known to be dairy, corn, meat, wheat, oats, barley, rye, eggs, citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, nuts, coffee and other foods that contain lectins and/or are of the nightshade variety. So, don’t stop eating an entire food group before you are absolutely sure it is causing what is ailing you. We want to eat healthy food and feel full and satisfied, and not go hungry! Be sure if you can to buy your produce organic and/or non GMO, but don’t go without if you can’t get it. Be sure to ask your store to get it for you, otherwise, you might want to choose substitutes which are known to be cleaner. Go to EWG to get your list of the cleanest fruits and vegetables.

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