How Do You Know Which Diet, Health and Weight Loss Information Is True or Not?

I grapple with this often. Who do you believe? Who is the ultimate authority on health and weight loss, and will he please stand up or raise his hand? I don’t see anyone! But, many do profess they are the authority. Yet, when so many doctors and sources of information disagree or contradict each other, who is right and who is wrong?

If we believe the wrong source, we are the ones who will suffer. For example, there are those big corporate weight loss sites (and, you know who I mean) that offer their meal plans at a price. It gets expensive and when you stop eating that way, you gain your weight back. And, from what I’ve seen, their meals aren’t necessarily all that nutritious, either. It’s processed and refined food, not plant based whole food.

But, you can save lots of money doing it yourself. Being a true Vegan is relatively inexpensive. The high dollar items in your cart are all the packaged refined and processed foods, alcohol, meat, cheese and dairy, miscellaneous snacks like chips, among almost endless others. You really cut your food bill down extremely low once you decide on eating only plant based whole food.

So, who are my reliable informative health and weight loss sources? In case you ever wondered… I listen to many individuals who make sense, know who don’t make sense and have a few things wrong, also view videos from certain universities and doctors on YouTube® who I feel are ‘in the know’. Yet, the only sources on the internet which I have citations on many of my posts that back up what I am talking about come from only these…

  •  Pubmed.Gov
  •  FDA
  •  NCBI
  •  Health.Gov
  •  NSF
  •  USDA My Plate
  •  Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia
  •  Boy, I almost forgot my favorite citation source is Nih.Gov!

I lost over 50 pounds eating plant based whole food. So, I know how to lose weight from my own personal experience. I can speak with authority on that subject. Furthermore, more and more, I can speak from authority about health and longevity being that I am now 68 years old and feel like I am still in my twenties. But, I am acutely aware everything I say doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone in every circumstance.

‘I have been my own guinea pig, and through my own experiments in trial and error (definitely not scientific) I have learned the value of eating plant based whole food, thinking for oneself insofar as health, weight loss and longevity is concerned, and also how important love is in your life, spirituality, hobbies, working in a profession you like, and that how one thinks and believes truly attracts the same…’ ~ your author

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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