Delicious Foods I Stopped Eating That Improved My Health Almost Immediately

You are probably not going to like what I have to say. Here it goes… After many years of eating these kinds of products, I finally had enough proof I needed to give this category of food up. It’s very hard to do because it’s so prevalent in our society. It seems it’s in everything and everything is made from it or used to eat with it. Are you ready for the answer?

Anything made with grains like wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn amoung many others. Currently, the only grain I eat is rice. But, the rice I eat has to be white grown in California, India or Pakistan. Why? The arsenic content is lower.

‘I soak my white rice, rinse it a few times and then put it in my new pressure cooker, which will reduce lectin content even further. White rice has less arsenic in it than brown no matter where it’s grown’ ~ your author

But, I honestly have to bring up the arsenic part, once again. The question remains: Do we eat anything that has arsenic in it? There are people who don’t eat shell fish because of the heavy metal mercury. Billions eat white rice.

Somehow, they knew to take the shell off thereby unknowingly reducing arsenic and lectin levels. But, no matter how you cook it, soak it, rinse it, etc., it still has arsenic. How much arsenic is too much? Rice has the inorganic arsenic, which is worse than the organic.

‘I heard sour dough was OK to eat because the starter in it supposedly reduced the lectin level. But, I could feel the bread at work in my intestines. I know that it contributed to me not feeling good. I used to love avocado sandwiches on toasted sour dough bread…’ ~ your author

Not too long ago, I polished off almost two loafs of sour dough bread in two days. I ate it with chili and beans I made with my new pressure cooker. The bread plugged me up and it took a few days for it all to ‘clear’ out of my system.

Eating it ‘may’ have contributed to my inflammation possibly causing me leaky gut. It takes some time to heal the gut. The body repairs itself all the time. The gut can heal itself in as little as a couple weeks up to a year. The main objective is to stop eating culprit food doing the damage. My main symptoms were pains in my joints, generalized body aches, an inflamed foot, fatigue, and last but not least, sinus and lung congestion.

‘I am not eating anything with gluten, which is a lectin. There are lectins in rice, potatoes and beans. I pressure cook these, as the process will reduce lectins. I also try to avoid the foods below…’ ~ your author

• Citrus fruits
• Coffee
• Corn
• Dairy products (all)
• Eggs
• Meats (all)
• Nuts
• Potatoes
• Tomatoes
• Wheat, oats, barley, rye (I still have doubts as to whether grains are better eaten or not. You hear pros and cons all the time)

Now, I do drink a cup of coffee without sugar and cream. I seem to be OK using almond milk (no to coconut milk because it’s saturated fat) and stevia. No heart palpitations. I also drink a pot of Japanese green tea throughout the day. I still eat strawberries, as they are one of the most nutritious berries. And, I will eat pistachios and macadamia nuts which are supposed to be relatively harmless when compared to peanuts and cashews.

Furthermore, any tomatoes I cook in my pressure cooker with the beans. I don’t eat processed foods and avoid refined oils and sugar. I do have an alcoholic drink once in a while. And, then there’s the holidays and birthdays where the diet goes out the window! So, you might be wondering what’s left to eat? I do eat well. Here’s an updated list of foods I eat for the curious, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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