If Disease Begins And Ends In The Gut, What Do We Eat? A Few Healthy Tips You Might Not Know…

You’ve heard that ‘we are what we eat’. I think this is so true. What we eat can make us overweight, even sick with disease. So, it matters much that we eat a healthy diet. So, what’s healthy? Pizza? I don’t think so. It does taste good though, but what tastes good can seduce us into eating it when we know better.

We can learn how to keep our gut healthy. What is the best diet? In my opinion, it’s plant based whole food, but not any. For example, there’s arsenic in rice, therefore, is any amount good for us? Good question I am still grappling with everyday.

“All Disease Begins in The Gut” – Hippocrates

Furthermore, the gluten in grains (which are lectins) in my opinion are not good for our gut. If one has developed a ‘leaky gut’, he has little holes in his gut where what shouldn’t get in the bloodstream, does. Not good. This can lead to all kinds of autoimmune diseases.

‘I now pressure cook foods like beans, rice and potatoes which will reduce their lectin content’ ~ your author

If I am not careful what I eat, I suffer from pain in my joints and all over my body, especially in one of my feet that gets inflamed and swollen. Personally, I don’t like pain, but I do like to eat.

Yet, one has to be careful omitting certain foods from his diet, because he or she may be easily fooled thinking they were unhealthy. We don’t want to get rid of our favorite foods when they benefit our health.

‘Pecans, pistachios and macadamia nuts are better choices than peanuts, cashews and chia seeds, which because of higher lectins can trigger inflammation…’ ~ your author

For example, just because avocados, nuts and seeds have a very high fat content, doesn’t mean they’re not good for us. We may simply need to limit the amount we eat same as reducing the amount we salt we shake on our food. What I eat, here.

Further reading ‘Diet and Salad’, by Dr. Norman Walker

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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