Easy Tips For Becoming A Vegetarian: You Can Be One, Too!

So, you want to go vegetarian or vegan? It’s not so hard, but you will get ‘hooked’ on it once you find plant based whole foods you like eating. All you have to do after that is ‘repeat’.

You also might want to go to the USDA’s Choose my plate to devise a meal plan. Me and my wife did it. And, it helps keep you on tract. They did cancel the old plan, but it seems the new one is more ‘simplified’. You can sign up there just like I did. Very useful.

Check out the plan I use here that helps us make sure we are getting enough calories and eating the right food. This is where you can devise your own meal plan. In the meantime, here’s a healthy guide they named healthy eating for vegetarians 10 tips.

I, for example, start my day with a fried potato, onions, some beans, sometimes tofu, mushrooms and greens like spinach. I make my wife hash browns with the help of my Cuisinart®. It shreds potatoes for hash browns really well. She prefers them over the frozen. They taste really different. I shred them skin and all. You don’t notice the skin at all, but get more nutrition that way.

‘About twice a week for lunch I eat an avocado sandwich on top a slice of sour dough bread. I mash the avocado up, spread it on my bread, add a few olives, onions, pepper, squeeze lemon juice on adding a short shake of Lawry’s® seasoning. It’s heaven sent’! ~ your author

For lunch, I eat a baby kale, spinach and arugula salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. I add a little salt, pepper and garlic powder to the dressing first. I have been adding a tiny dash of virgin olive oil to it for flavor lately. I don’t feel a small amount can hurt.

I have some made in advance I spoon on my salad and toss keeping it in a tiny Tupperware® container in the refrigerator. I will either eat beans with rice or beans with a potato I have already made ahead of time in my pressure cooker.

Dinner is more or less a repeat of lunch. I love pinto beans, potatoes and rice, so it’s not hard for me to plan a meal. I like things simple, and that’s how they are for me. My wife gets bored with food and is still stuggling in eating the healthiest choices.

But, she is improving overall gradually, but there is still this ‘resistance’ which ‘persists’. I try to help, but people are very ‘touchy’ about their food choices, so you have to be ‘subtle’ in your suggestions with your partner to ‘keep the peace’.

*Photo courtesy of USDA Choose My Plate

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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