The Essentiality of Mindfulness in Everyday Life…

Are you happy with the direction your life is taking? We can change that, you know. But, how do we do so? We tend to go on ‘automatic pilot’ often on how we think throughout each day. We think in habitual patterns. It may be positive, negative or usually a combination of the two.

Many things influence our moods. For example, I don’t watch the nightly TV news anymore. It’s just too negative, polluting my mind. Yet, minutes after stopping, I feel a whole lot better about myself and life in general. Especially now, I avoid watching the news and talk shows, altogether.

‘I think that if you are home because of the current virus, we could think about why we are living the lifestyle we chose. Maybe, it’s a good time to try out becoming a vegetarian…’! ~ your author

Maybe, we Americans work too hard. We could also be too materialistic. But, how one looks at himself and the world is not only a subjective matter, but relative. Furthermore, what is important to one may not even count to someone else.

“In other words, I say that if it is your ‘thing’ to work hard, not too hard, not be materialistic or be materialistic, then go ahead and have it that way if you must…” ~ your author

Yet, this might be a time to review our lives and reaffirm to ourselves what is really important or what matters most. Maybe, we have time now to reflect upon what foods are the healthiest to eat and not eat more of the wrong foods simply because now we have more free time on our hands.

Words worth pondering…

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Purpose of life
  • Positive thoughts
  • My life goals

Think about what you love doing. Is the time right for a new hobby or change of careers? I think self-reflection is a good thing. But, it could open some old baggage up. We can clean out our mental and emotional closet of outdated beliefs. Like old out of fashion clothing, maybe a brand new wardrobe is in order. The new you!

Who was it who said ‘The unexamimed life is not worth living’? Yes, it was our great thinker Socrates, as he was about to be sentenced to death for things he should not have done in that particular day and age!

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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