Rice Bowl With Veggie Crumbles And Cooked Spinach Recipe

I still have reservations about eating rice. But, if you eat white rice, the arsenic level will be universally lower than the brown, no matter where it comes from. We all have to eat something and for me, if it’s a choice between meat and rice, I will choose the rice every time. Of course, you may be different and that’s OK, too.

Photo courtesy of Morningstar Farms

Rice Bowl With Veggie Crumbles And Cooked Spinach

  •  I use Morningstar® brand crumbles or a patty I heat up in the microwave
  •  Then, I chop up and mix them into a large bowl with beans, rice, spinach (I chop it up finely) and green salsa
  •  I microwave it with a paper plate on top so nothing pops and makes a mess for about a minute and a half
  •  Dinner or lunch is now served!

If you like a quick meal, this is it. I think it’s nutritious enough. I know that eating processed soy isn’t the best choice, but between it and meat, I choose the veggie patty.

‘One trick about white rice is that if you cook it beforehand, it might be hard. So, microwave it with a little water with a paper plate on top to rehydrate it. It comes out good enough to eat’ ~ your author

I always thought brown rice to be healthy. At least, that’s what all the health authorities pushed in the past. I don’t think it is true. Yes, fiber is good, but what about more arsenic?

Even with potatoes there is something wrong. It’s a nightshade that has lectins. So, now I always pressure cook all my potatoes, rice, nightshade vegetables and beans to reduce the potency of lectins.

Sometimes, I make rice with peas. I really love peas, but now I don’t use soy sauce on anything, as it’s an inflammation bomb! It’s packed with lectins which cause me inflammation just like peanut butter (which I also love but don’t eat anymore.)

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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