Eating Beans, Rice, Pasta And Bread: Which One Is Healthiest?

If you’ve read any number of my posts, you may remember my struggle with the idea of limiting high glycemic foods like potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. Blood sugar ups and downs really isn’t the best for our health. Intellectually, I know this, but putting it into practice may be quite another feat being we are ‘hooked’ on certain staple foods.

‘Five years back, I remember feeling better than I do now. I felt just like I did in my twenties. Yet, I forgot what I was eating that made me feel that way, as I tested foods against how they made me feel on a day by day basis…’ ~ your author

I read this lady’s posts ( and one sparked my memory. She seems to be a very positive individual who eats healthy food. She also said she feels like she did in her twenties. I was intrigued and eager to find out her secret…

“If someone is healthy and in great shape, you just have to listen to what they say about their diet, exercise plan and lifestyle they live…’ ~ your author

Something she said in her post caught my eye… ‘I know my diet is healthy, as I eat very little meat, potato, bread, and pasta’. Although, I rarely eat meat, I often eat potatoes, rice, pasta and bread, which sometimes makes me feel tired. Eating beans with or without rice never does.

White potatoes, rice, pasta and white bread are higher on the glycemic scale than are beans. Beans are very low.You might be curious to find out how your favorite foods rate on the glycemic scale and possibly ‘modify’ your diet, here.

I am ‘trying’ to avoid wheat, but I just love eating bean burritos and avocado sandwiches. How does one eat his burrito without a flour tortilla and sandwich without bread?

‘I may eat about four avocado sandwiches and two or three burritos each week. I have been eating white rice with my beans lately adding Morningstar® farms veggie crumbles. It gives the burrito a unique meaty flavor’ ~ your author

If you are eating at least 80% plant based whole food, your diet is not perfect. Yet, living the perfect life is not my goal; good health, happiness and longevity is. Finding a lifestyle that suits us well is the ‘sweet spot’ worthy of attainment no one else but us can discover.

Note- check with your doctor before you change your diet.


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