Is It Time To Tell Yourself Positive Lies Instead Of Negative Truth?

I am not saying we all should do nothing but lie. Because, there are plenty of those around us who do and I don’t think there is any shortage we need to fill.

It seems something within us doesn’t know truth from a lie. But, one day I wasn’t feeling up to the challenges of the day and I decided to ignore how I felt and said to myself, ‘I feel great’! And, you know, it really worked. I had been eating greasy chips the night before and you guessed it, I felt ‘achy’ all over.

‘It’s hard to see this, because we all want to feel like we are ‘right’. But, the hard truth is that we do create our reality. It seems how we think makes us feel the way we do and colors our day’ ~ your author

I’ve been trying to get rid of my ego for a long time. I have always had a ‘quick temper’ and ‘jump to conclusions’. But, reason has to prevail…

I consider very few my ‘teachers’. But, one stands out. His name is Neville Goddard. He says basically, if you want something, don’t pay attention to the ‘facts’. Believe it’s yours. It’s as if whatever you believe and hold on to becomes truth. And, whatever kind of person you wish to be, assume you currently are…

‘It’s so easy to blame something else or others, but that drains our power. Empowerment comes from being independent and taking charge of how we think and feel. They say there’s no one to blame for the quality of life we live, but us…’ ~ your author

I may be getting a little too ‘esoteric’ here, but it seems that if we think ‘positive’ thoughts circumstances and situations ‘mysteriously’ change. Even when ‘bad things’ happen to someone who tends to have a positive happy type personality, it seems he or she recovers and his life goes good again.

To conclude, you might want to try learning how to meditate for reducing stress and relaxation, here. Furthermore, I have listened to meditation sounds that may help. It’s called ‘binaural beats’. It’s in my resources page under ‘meditation and more…’.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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