Walk Barefoot On Grass? Are You Crazy? What Does That Do? Plenty. Here’s Why…

I learned this technique a few decades back, but didn’t realize how important it was. Cavemen used to live in caves, but unlike us, they didn’t ‘hang around’ in the dark looking at a TV all day long. We work in jobs in offices and that’s not a good thing as far as getting all the vitamin D we need.

We have to get out in the sun. We were made to forage for seeds, nuts and berries. Me and my wife sit in the sun at least 20 minutes or half an hour a day lately.

That’s because we forgot the importance of getting outside. After a few days, we felt much better.

‘Yes, you can take vitamin D3 pills, but in my opinion, it’s far better to get it naturally outside’ ~ your author

Now, this is totally unscientific. Actually, it’s more mystical than anything. But, life is stranger than you think. Try getting out in the sun, but take your shoes off and walk or stand either in the dirt or grass for awhile, and I will guarantee you will somehow feel ‘healthier’ even though you can’t explain exactly why.

It’s a natural experience people from eons before us experienced without footwear. We weren’t born with shoes on or we would be if it were necessary. We are almost genetically exact to the great apes. But, do they wear shoes? Obviously, no.

“Vitamin D is made by your skin getting red in the sun. It’s actually a hormone. Nonetheless, they still call it the ‘wonder vitamin’ ” ~ your author

Do you want to get a sense of well being? Go try this out. It’s a tip from me that’s very valuable. You don’t have to tell friends and family, for they might think you crazy. It’s sort of a meditative experience.

But, see for yourself what this does and I believe you will like the results. After doing so, you might be one to recommend it to others. But, be careful, they may believe you might be losing ‘all your marbles’ thinking you are turning into some strange ‘mystic’.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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