Essential Healthy Foods A Man And Woman 70+ Years Young Ate That Kept Them Alive & Well

These two videos from YouTube® are worthwhile to watch. I am always interested in the lifestyle and eating habits of people who are more aged than I. These videos are very revealing and are recommended viewing if you want to learn a few secrets this man and woman have to living longer and staying healthy.

I think it reasonable saying if one begins eating plant based whole food, which by that I mean real foods like raw and cooked organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, you lay a firm foundation for increasing your years living on this planet.


But there’s more, which is being happy with your lot in life. In other words, you need a social life and doing things that keep your mind sharp continuing being interested in life. Life has its ups and downs, but continued happiness and creating your own philosophy of life is essential to ones longevity.

“Pets are good for the soul. We have two wonderful cats who always ‘make our day’. Pets are simply the ‘icing on the cake of life'” ~ your author

Doing things physical is important. We need to get out into the sun, drink clean water and some like myself need to be in contact with nature. My lizards on the block wall and me sitting on my patio chair look at the birds and squirrels having a nice time eating all the bird seed I buy!

‘I dream of moving to the country, but my wife sees things entirely different. She loves the city while my heart has always been rural. If she said let’s ‘move’, I’d be the first to start packing. But, I really do love my friends here in my backyard patio and really don’t want to abandon them…’ ~ your author

You need to discover your piece of happiness no matter what that is. For example, why settle for a career you hate doing? We only live once. Why not get paid less and work in a job you love doing? Don’t worry about the money, it will come later. I wrote a book about how to find your dream job. I’m in mine, you are reading it. But, if you are unhappy in your present job, you can find one you will love doing.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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