The Amazing Healthful Properties Of Mushrooms You Never Knew Existed…

I have always been a huge fan of mushrooms. Long ago I used to eat spaghetti with the bottled button mushrooms (before I knew better.) Now, I use only ‘fresh’ everyday cooked in my potatoes with onions. I buy Giorgio® Baby Bella Mushrooms at Stater® Bros.. I learned there is a difference in taste of each type of mushroom.

I have always loved garlic, but garlic never loved my breath back. So, I watch how much of that I consume or I only get a ‘kiss on my forehead’ from my wife. Just a ‘touch’ of garlic is plenty good, even used as a health supplement.

I found that out when I sprinkled cracked pepper with garlic in it on asparagus last night for dinner. I drizzle olive oil and bake it in my preheated 400 degree oven for about fifteen minutes or until tender yet firm. I threw the bottle away, but retrieved it once I figured out I need to only use a ‘touch’ less of it from now on.

‘Lately, I’ve been using a small amount of olive oil (as an experiment to see how it makes me feel) frying my potatoes, onions and mushrooms. Also, I have been drizzling a bit of it on my salad. Doing so makes me eat more green salad, which is a good thing…’ ~ your author

My wife said the garlic was burning her eyes as she sat in the other room. Then, as I ate the asparagus, my mouth started burning. I thought it might be the cracked pepper. Wrong, it was the garlic just like she said.

‘Mushrooms have been consumed since earliest history; ancient Greeks believed that mushrooms provided strength for warriors in battle, and the Romans perceived them as the “Food of the Gods.” For centuries, the Chinese culture has treasured mushrooms as a health food, an “elixir of life.” They have been part of the human culture for thousands of years and have considerable interest in the most important civilizations in history because of their sensory characteristics; they have been recognized for their attractive culinary attributes. Nowadays, mushrooms are popular valuable foods because they are low in calories, carbohydrates, fat, and sodium: also, they are cholesterol-free. Besides, mushrooms provide important nutrients, including selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D, proteins, and fiber. All together with a long history as food source, mushrooms are important for their healing capacities and properties in traditional medicine. It has reported beneficial effects for health and treatment of some diseases. Many nutraceutical properties are described in mushrooms, such as prevention or treatment of Parkinson, Alzheimer, hypertension, and high risk of stroke. They are also utilized to reduce the likelihood of cancer invasion and metastasis due to antitumoral attributes. Mushrooms act as antibacterial, immune system enhancer and cholesterol lowering agents; additionally, they are important sources of bioactive compounds. As a result of these properties, some mushroom extracts are used to promote human health and are found as dietary supplements [1]’.

As you can see above, mushrooms have more than a few good qualities you might want to experience for yourself. Mushrooms aren’t for everyone, (my wife doesn’t like them) but they might be for you in benefit to your health.

Source- 1 Valverde, M., Hernández-Pérez, T., & Paredes-López, O. (2015). Edible mushrooms: Improving human health and promoting quality life. Retrieved May 03, 2020, from

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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