Italian Tomato Balsamic Salad Dressing Recipe

I am always open to a new salad dressing. Lately, I have been using balsamic vinegar with olive oil. I was experimenting using olive oil, and the experiment is apparently still going on. I am ordering Star extra virgin olive oil, which is approved by the NAOOA.

There’s a lot of phony olive oil sold, and I wanted to be sure I got the real oil. I am continuing my self-testing to see if it causes inflammation. Nevertheless, according to California olive ranch, there are quite a few health benefits.

How I make Italian Tomato Balsamic Salad Dressing Recipe…

  •  Nothing fancy or complicated here, I do this by eye and taste…
  •  Get a small container to keep this in
  •  You don’t refrigerate it
  •  I would say you add about an ounce of balsamic vinegar
  •  The same amount of your favorite extra virgin olive oil
  •  An equal amount of tomato sauce
  •  A shake or two of Italian seasoning
  •  Garlic powder or salt
  •  Cracked pepper
  •  Pinch of parsley
  •  One quick dash of paprika
  •  Shake it up in your container

I don’t add very much, probably a tablespoon total. I eat a lot of salad, so I have my favorite big bowl. I use two large bowls everyday. One is for my fried potatoes, onions and mushrooms and the other I use for a salad. Easy cleanup.

fresh express butter lettuce
Green Butter Lettuce And Red Leaf Lettuce

I figure, if it takes a little fat, like extra virgin olive oil for you to eat lots of greens, then I feel it’s OK, just as long as you don’t add too much.

By too much, I mean anything over a tablespoon on one large salad.

I toss it with a spoon and fork and the oil covers the salad nicely for a unique flavor you will not get anywhere else.

full circle power greens
Power greens (Baby Spinach, Mizuna, Chard, Kale.)

Before you eat your salad, squeeze on some lemon.

It adds that final zest with vitamin C! In ending, I know you hear olive oil is healthy for you, but I am not completely convinced.

I would say to beware of those who say it’s ‘good for you’, for most I believe do have a vested financial interest in saying so.

Currently, I don’t use any other oil except for this type of refined oil. Use your own judgment, listen to your body and read my other page about extra virgin olive oil. 

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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