Say this One Positive Daily Affirmation: How Fast Will Your Life Change? You May Be Absolutely Amazed!

It seems whatever we think comes to be. Therefore, why not make it positive? Instead of thinking you don’t know, why not say you do know? I have learned that somehow through my own experience, the answer will come…

Something mysterious happens.  Although, we may not believe we have the answers to life, we do. Realistically, who else would know what’s best for us, but ourselves? We find answers within, for our experience of self and life in general all happens within ourselves.

Life creates itself within our own imaginations. Our consciousness. It’s hard to grasp, but when you think about it enough you will see clearly, nothing is actually happening ‘out there’ outside yourself in this world. The experience of it is happening all within ourselves good, bad and indifferent. Life is our own unique experience.

Say this One Positive Daily Affirmation: How Fast Will Your Life Change? You May Be Absolutely Amazed!

‘I know what to eat

to make me lose weight

and maintain it.

I know what to eat

for best health

and longest life’.

After a lifetime of searching outside myself for answers, I’ve discovered I need not look further than from within myself for whatever I desire.

I know this is hard to digest, but I have found there is actually ‘nothing out there’ as far as an official answer to all life’s dilemmas and deep questions. Life is hard, no question about that. So, it seems we are here to learn all by ourselves, likely the hard way.

‘Everything happens because of our own imagination, although I know this sounds ‘crazy’. And, I often lose tract of and forget this concept that everything in our own world we experience happens inside our own minds…’ ~ your author

We know we exist because we can say ‘I am’ to ourselves. What is true is that, ‘We are’. We exist. We are conscious. Therefore, be mindful about what you say to yourself and anyone, for words are powerful and can potentially change the world we live in for better or worse.

‘No matter what the evidence tells you, say your life is wonderful, and if it isn’t, it will be. For example, if you have a bad job or even marriage, say they are both wonderful and see what happens next. In every instance be positive instead of negative and your life will reflect that in its own time. Happiness, sadness and quality of life solely depends upon attitude. Ignore the so called facts and believe that everything is how you want it to be…’ ~ your author

For example, I would never say that ‘I can’t’ anymore. And, if you find yourself doing so, I would stop it as soon as I was aware I was doing it again. Again, whatever we believe real or not will be true. One must ignore negative facts, and tell himself a positive lie instead of the negative truth.

For example, instead of doubting say, ‘I am’ this or I am that. Tell yourself who you want to be and continue believing you are already that. And, in its own hour, others who know you will begin to see the new you. Try it, it costs not a single penny and results are enormously wondrous.

*How I eat, here.

*Relax and learn how to meditate.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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