Can Imagination Materialize Desires?

You have likely already heard of the ‘law of attraction’ (you might not know I have written a book about it…) This, the way I see it, is drawing to you what you visualize mixed with feeling.

But, lately, I realized ‘law of imagination’ fits better, although I will not change my title. I have been listening to Neville Goddard audio tapes for about a year and have a whole new outlook on the matter. He is my master teacher.

“It’s easier understanding the connection between reality and imagination intellectually. Yet, to experience how it works in everyday life may take some practice and time…’ ~ your author

If you are seeking enlightenment, you advance when ready. What do they say, ‘the teacher appears when the student is ready’? But, what does this actually mean? My interpretation is that when you evolve to a certain point, you are the teacher. Yet, you are always advancing toward the rainbow of complete enlightenment and knowledge you never quite reach.

‘I have always been a ‘seeker’ about why I’m here. The question was, why was I born and what is my life purpose? But, now because I am older, I wonder more about the hereafter… ~ your author

I know we don’t think we had a choice in being born. But, this life may be ‘scripted’ like a play at your local playhouse. I have heard, God likes stories. Yet, for all we know, we may have had a say in what our trials and tribulations would be, even so far as choosing our parents before we were born.

Some researchers believe the mind comes from the brain. But, how can we be so sure about that? Others, believe consciousness completely separate from the brain, and that our brain has absolutely nothing to do with consciousness.

Where do we go when we sleep? It has been said, our soul travels out from our bodies into other worldly realms or dimensions. We ‘forget’ where we’d been upon awakening. Yet, it seems the older I get the more ‘real’ my own dreams become.

‘In faith, know what it is you want. This is the most important thing, for manifestation takes time and has its own hour to appear. We must assume we already have received that which we have wished for without proof…’ ~ your author

Note- I cannot guarantee you will receive that which you’ve wished for. That is not within the domain of my abilities. But, what I can do is pray you receive that which you have wished for as long as it abides within the guidelines of the ‘golden rule’.

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