Positive Affirmations: Will They Make You Rich?

Besides weight loss, health and longevity, I have written a few essays about positive thinking, meditation and well being. Somehow, these are all related. But, I decided ‘why limit myself’? It’s all subjective and this author’s opinion. Writing is good for what ‘ails’ me. And, I hope something herein helps you at least in some small way…

It’s a lot easier seeing that another had brought all his misery upon himself. They might not think positive thoughts and dwell a lot in the muck. You probably know someone who seems to attract ‘bad luck’.

I have become more aware of my thoughts, and watch them more carefully than I ‘used to’. You could call how one predominately thinks, ‘his mental diet’. You likely have heard the old expression that ‘you are what you eat’?

I find it easier to believe lately that our lives are created for better or worse due to our way of thinking. We have poor memories when it comes to remembering our own negative thinking patterns.

‘I have a lavish steady dependable income, consistent

with integrity and mutual benefit’ ~ Neville Goddard

Neville has said thoughts are seeds planted which eventually flower. It may take minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, maybe even years to bear its fruit. But, we have poor memories and forget we ‘sowed’ positive and negative seedlings.

Even if you have no money, he has said if you desire to live in a certain city and own your own home, go to sleep imagining you are sleeping there. Don’t think you’d like to be there, actually feel and imagine you actually there, no matter how far. You want to capture the ‘mood’. Why not practice and try it, it’s free. And, it only takes a few seconds.

Note- I am a writer, not a professional psychiatrist or psychologist. If you need mental or emotional counseling there’s no shame in seeking guidance from a marriage and family therapist.

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