Knowing When To Change Our Path In Life…

Why would one ever want to change direction in his life? The answer to that question is if you are unhappy. But, you can change all that no matter how depressed you feel, because in my opinion through my own experience, I have found we can actually change the way we feel by how we choose to think.

No matter how miserable you are, one has to ‘force’ himself to ignore his present reality or ‘facts’ he sees in front of him. For example, if you wanted to live somewhere else, believe you already do. If you are in an unhappy relationship, you could say to yourself that you are in a blissful relationship.

‘Focusing on what you don’t want doesn’t work out very well, but focusing upon what you do want and believing you already possess it does work’ ~ your author

If you are down, say to yourself you are a happy person. Yes, you can’t fool yourself, but you can change how you feel by what you say to you. I have always searched outside myself for the meaning of life. I always wondered what my purpose here was. And, what I found out was that it is whatever you decide.

The people who become successful in whatever they achieve are those who listen to themselves. In my opinion, the more one looks outside himself as to what he should or should not be doing with himself in the world, the more confused he will become.

“We must become ‘solid within oneself’ deciding you are OK the way you are. This will be your ‘starting point’. It’s what we have to work with and we start right where we are” ~ your author

Believe in you without any reasons or qualifications. We live in our own mentally created world, so why not live in a positive one? How do we change our lives for the better? Choose your path and start walking.

It’s our only rational option, despite living in a crazy world that constantly tries to tell you who you should be. An out of control media will influence, even mold us by repetition saying the same things. Yet, the more we know ourselves and the more honest we are with ourselves the clearer life will become.

Note- I am not a professional or trained therapist. There is no shame in seeking guidance from a marriage and family counselor for mental and/or emotional issues.

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