My Body Ain’t Lovin’ It, Mr. Burger!

I always loved these burgers, and still do. But, I don’t eat them anymore. Last time I got the cravings for it, I got the burger, fries and fish sandwich and felt all the fat on the roof of my mouth and immediately felt lousy after taking a few bites. It was as if the memory of eating this way again was much better than the current reality of the experience.

I know I loved burgers, pizza and everything else that was bad for me in the past. I’m sure lucky I am still alive after a lifetime of an unhealthy diet. I used to BBQ steaks every night on my hibachi on the back porch in my twenties. Then, one day, my Doberman ate both our steaks! Little did I know it then, he actually did me a favor. It was his food and not mine!

To tell you the truth, I get the craving for all the wrong foods all the time. You essentially never ‘get over it’. I wish I could eat unhealthy food at every meal, but now I know what it would do for me. It would definitely land me in the hospital and kill me within this year.

Why do I know better? In my thirties I had a ruptured appendix, which almost killed me. I was in the hospital for two weeks on an IV. They wanted to get me up and running after the first week so I pulled around my IV a couple of laps around the hallway every day.

‘I bought that book a well known doctor published. It was a very popular fad high protein diet in the 1970’s with lots of meat and dairy. Of course, I trimmed a few pounds off, but doing so almost cost me my life…’ ~ your author

And, a few years ago, I weighed over 200 lbs. It seems some people (me) never seem to learn their lesson. Yet, I got tired of the Plumber’s crack always showing and having to pull my pants up when my belly pushed them down to my knees!

I knew in my ‘gut’ (no pun) I was headed for certain disaster if I didn’t change my diet, reduce bad cholesterol, get that blood pressure way down and lose all that weight. Eating plant based whole food like I do now cured me. I know I won’t have a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or cancer. This is how I eat, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.





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