Is It Time To Question Our Beliefs?

I didn’t always know about the media. I do know their political agenda, but I also know they always made money. Therefore, if they can influence people to buy their product by whatever means, the better to fill their deep pockets.

‘They give the podium to those who speak words they approve of…’

If you are a woman, you know how the ideal woman ‘should’ look like. You see it in the TV movies. It’s not reality. People come in all sizes and shapes.

‘This is a youth based society…’

It’s all about money. The media wants to sell you their beauty products, their fashion clothes, perfumes, whatever. Are they telling us what we want to hear? Children watch TV too and how does this affect their emerging self image?

‘Is the dollar more important than being kind’?

I seldom watch TV talk shows and evening news. Why? It speaks with one voice.

‘Do we want to be told what to say, how to think, act, what to buy like clothing, cars, what to eat, how much to weigh, what education and job to have, etc.? They’ve been doing just this for decades…’

Maybe, it’s time to review and question our beliefs. Do we have beliefs about how we ‘should be’ or would we rather be the kind of person we are?

‘I wonder, do we really own our own minds? Personally, I don’t know what’s true or a lie told by our media. These days, I make sure I know the source, and even then I wonder if the information is false news…’

We own our own minds. And, we can believe what we want. So, best practice in my opinion is to think the best and make sure to think positive thoughts over doubts and negativity.

‘Go ahead, be you. So far, it’s working out perfectly for me…’

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