Is Your Life Going In The Direction You Love?

I haven’t exactly had a personal history of thinking positive enough. That’s why I write about this very subject now. I’ve learned a few things about the mind and I have a few ideas that so far seem to work for me. In the past, I had written a book about mental attraction, but what I am writing now is somewhat different based upon my own experience.

Yes, we can know things intellectually, but to me that’s not real. It’s like things you’ve learned in school that really don’t apply to life. There was an awakening for me recently in that I realized our reality is caused by our imagination.

This is sort of far out and hard to grasp, but we have to realize all our thoughts and perceptions happen ‘inside us’, not ‘out there’. Another way to say it is ‘our perception of the world’ happens totally inside us. And, once you ‘get this concept’, you then know you have the power to change your life simply using your mind.

‘Focus upon what you do want rather than upon what you don’t. You have to stay mindful of exactly what you want..,’ ~ your author

We are in charge of our own consciousness. So, if you are having problems you feel you cannot surmount, the only way I see a solution is to change how we think and talk to ourselves. Changing our minds may not be so easy, but with practice I believe we can learn through repetition to talk to ourselves with more and more positive words.

For example, if you hate your job and you see no chance of advancement or future, I would say ‘I have a job I love that pays more’. Despite the fact it may not be currently true, it will become truth and materialize if we keep believing it.

I wouldn’t keep saying ‘I hate my job’! Stick with the positive, because one outcome could be you will get fired landing another job with a higher salary that you will love. Alternatively, it’s possible you may even be promoted where you work now. So, don’t quit. See what happens, instead. Try it, it costs you nothing and takes only a few seconds to do.

‘Persist in your belief you have what it is you desire and it will eventually come to bloom. It may take minutes, to months and longer depending upon what you wish for. Sometimes, you get something other than what you’ve asked for and are disappointed, but in time you learn it was right you received it…’ ~ your author

If you don’t have enough money to buy those things you desire, believe you have all the money you need to do so. Worrying about all your bills will only bring grief, making things that much worse. However we think attracts more of the positive or negative.

‘Is what you believe in serving you well? If not, maybe it’s time for some objective reflection. For example, are you happy with the direction your life is going? If not, like a ship sailing over the horizon, now might be the right time to steer a different course…’ ~ your author

Source for this post- Further reading about manifesting your desires…

Note- I am not a professional or trained therapist. There is no shame in seeking guidance from a marriage and family counselor for mental and/or emotional issues.


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