Positive Thoughts Promote Weight Loss

I was overweight before. So, I know how frustrating it is when the pounds don’t come off as quickly as you’d like. But, healthy weight loss does take time. For example, I lost 5 pounds a month.

And, with my ups’ and downs’, it took me about a year to lose my fifty pounds. Yet, this doesn’t mean you will take as long. Yet, we do need to be patient, for speedy weight loss fad diets are known to be potentially dangerous to our health. I believe unproven diets are too risky.

When you eat plant based whole food, the weight will usually not come back. But, there are a few exceptions to the rule. For example, if you eat too many nuts, seeds and avocados, you will likely gain weight.

‘Keeping an eye on how you talk to yourself is very helpful when you want to lose weight…’ ~ your author

I felt discouraged stuck at around 185 lbs.. But, I did lose weight from 200+ lbs. So, I was making good progress until I crashed. What kept me stuck was I didn’t eat enough calories.

I was hungry a lot because I was learning what to eat and not. So, I was craving chips, crackers, bread and tortillas. They didn’t satisfy or satiate me for long, until I learned to eat more potatoes, rice and beans.

‘A technique I learned is to visualize someone you know saying they’ve never seen you look so healthy and trim, while you reply back you have never felt so good and are happy with your new trimmer look…’ ~ your author

I learned keeping a positive attitude is everything. In other words, you attract more of how you think. Try to ‘catch’ and ‘correct’ yourself when you say ‘I can’t’ do whatever. What things you say to yourself will become your truth eventually materializing itself in one form or another.

‘Don’t play victim. We can control our thoughts. Who replaces negative thoughts with positive creates  a happier destiny…’ ~ your author

Positive thinking makes anyone feel good. Thinking negative pulls us down making us feel lethargic. I have had my ’bouts’ of depression in life and found I had to tell myself I had to get up off that couch and get himself physically active. You and I have that power to tell our muscles to get back to work.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. I am not a professional or trained therapist. There is no shame in seeking guidance from a marriage and family counselor for mental and/or emotional issues.

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