Keeping A Critical Eye On What We Eat As We Age…

We all grow old, but I’ve heard of guys who are in their 90’s climbing up a ladder and fixing things up on top their roofs! I so much want to be like that! This gentleman I know eats plant based whole food…

But, I still have those aches and pains (it seems) no matter what I eat. So, I am questioning a few things in particular I think I am doing wrong lately. For example, I know what’s healthy and not. But, you do have to have some fun, don’t you? We do fool ourselves because wrong foods are addictive in their own nature.

‘What is unhealthy food eating fun? Is it occasionally eating the wrong things that brought you penalties in pain and discomfort and weight you wanted to lose…’ ~ your author

I like drinking my daily routine one cup of coffee each day although it doesn’t have sugar in it. I use stevia. I also use half and half. But, I am considering using a light coconut milk, instead of the dairy.

Yet, I am wondering about the coffee, if it leaches calcium out of your bones? And, does it also increase the LDL cholesterol? How about if it causes atherosclerosis? Is it a waste of time wondering about any ill affects of one cup of coffee at all? Maybe, I am being slightly vain…

‘What harm is a couple hard liquor drink, salty pistachio nuts and greasy potato chips on a Saturday night? Sunday morning arrives sooner than you think…’ ~ your author

And, is Japanese green tea any better? Yes. I believe it has less than half the caffeine. Anything considered a drug like caffeine makes changes in your body. It forces changes. So, is forcing a tired body a good thing?

I don’t really believe it is in the long run, just like if you have blood sugar highs and lows all the time. But, we do what we do, don’t we? We like the elevated mood and energy that caffeine provides?

‘One can’t go wrong when he reduces salt, sugar, fat, alcohol, caffeine and processed and refined foods…’ ~ your author

I remember in my 40’s I had a so called ‘panic attack’ one day. It really scared the you know what out of me! That day, I remember drinking a pot of coffee and my heart started racing somewhat later. I will never forget it.

That was when I realized my body had its limitations. It showed me I was getting old and my body wasn’t able to do those things it used to do. This was at the same time I noticed those in their twenties and younger calling me ‘sir’.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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