Freeing Our Minds From What’s Holding You Back…

I decided recently that I wanted to completely ‘free’ my mind. This may sound sort of weird, I don’t know, but I am fed up with all the negativity wherever I turn. All it does is pollute your mind and emotions. What I am talking about is when one turns on his TV.

I always wondered in the past why some people said they never watched TV. Now, I know. At least for me, it means way too much negativity pounded into my head no matter what channel you turn on.

It’s on talk shows, nightly news, and it seems everywhere. Even when you watch a movie these days it seems there is this underlying theme that you need to act, look and think a certain way. Don’t we want to be ourselves, instead?

What I always do is listen to me first. I have learned to listen to what my gut tells me because in my past when I didn’t do it, disaster struck. I haven’t had a history of positive thinking, so I should know what thinking negative brings. From personal experience I say it brings more of the same.

‘You have to start believing you are OK just the way you are. Everyone else has the right to be the way they are and so do you…’ ~ your author

In this day and age, one has to simply shut out all the talk. You really have to insulate yourself or they will turn you into a sheep that follows. We may think we are thinking for ourselves, but if you contemplate enough about it, you will find we tend to follow prevailing trends and opinions. Don’t do it, be you instead.

We all are original. No one will ever be created like us ever again. No one will look like us, think like us and feel like us. Be like you are, that’s why real friends cherish your friendship. Simply be you, it’s OK.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. I am not a professional or trained therapist. There is no shame in seeking guidance from a marriage and family counselor for mental and/or emotional issues.

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