I Didn’t Eat This And Said ‘Adios’ To Aches And Pains…

I hope this post helps you to avoid certain potentially problematic foods if you have similar symptoms I had. I didn’t go to the doctor. Instead, I self diagnosed I had rheumatoid arthritis (RA.) This, I don’t recommend. Therefore, don’t take my word, see your doctor to remove any doubts.

Yet, soon after I stopped eating this particular food,  my pain disappeared. It is notorious for causing a ‘leaky gut‘ in those susceptible.  But, as soon as I ate it again, ‘Boom’!, the symptoms all came back.

‘How do I know this? I have ‘experimented’ many times. I didn’t want to give up one of my ‘favorite’ foods without giving it every chance I could until I had no doubt it was a problem food’ ~ your author

Now, I pressure cook certain foods. On the list are potatoes, nightshades like tomatoes and rice and beans. Why would I do such a thing? Doing so reduces potency of lectins, although unfortunately not eliminating them entirely.

‘What I stopped eating was whole wheat bread. I substituted sourdough because I heard it wasn’t as bad (something about the sourdough starter I hear.) I made open faced toasted avocado sandwiches. But, unfortunately, I got all the old RA symptoms back again. So, I used fried sliced potato to spread and dip the mashed avocado on. This worked out good…’ ~ your author

Pressure cooking wheat does not reduce its lectin content (I hear this is also true for grains like oats, corn, rye and barley, etc..) Without grains I mentioned, I no longer suffer from mysterious aches and pains throughout every inch of my body.

‘I stopped drinking coffee, which also has its fair share of lectins. I do feel better without it because I felt as though it changed my moods and gave me inflammation, but I still drink my Japanese green tea‘ ~ your author

Lastly, with getting out into the sun more, I believe that also helped (vitamin D.) I also take vitamin B12 every day (2-500mcg 1 Methylcobalamin and 1 Cyanocobalamin because there is controversy which one is better. Furthermore, although most people don’t need this much, some health authorities suggest a much larger dose daily for those over 50) which I believe covers all the bases, since I don’t eat (hardly) any animal products anymore.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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