Should We Eat Processed And Refined Foods With Ingredients We Can’t Pronounce?

We all know a balanced diet is healthy for us. But, what defines a balanced diet? There’s an opinion that’s different no matter who one asks. My idea of a balanced diet is a whole food plant based diet.

It is naturally low in salt, sugar and fat. It isn’t processed and refined like food you pick up through the take out window.

‘Processed food has ingredients you can’t pronounce. We all can say apple, but what the heck is azodicarbonamide? Plant based whole food is the real deal, minus additives, preservatives and things you cannot pronounce…’ ~ your author

Eat clean, and our body will stay clean. When you eat plant based whole food eating what you can’t pronounce is not a problem. A banana is always a banana and nothing else. You know what you are getting every single time!

‘Poor diet quality is the leading cause of death both in the United States and worldwide, and the prevalence of obesity is at an all-time high and is projected to significantly worsen [1]’.

I eat mostly plant based whole food. This is not the typical American diet. And, although how I eat may seem similar to a vegetarian and vegan diet, they eat processed and refined foods that I don’t.

‘There is absolutely no nutritional need I know of for humans to consume animal products, except that I take two daily B12 supplements…’ ~ your author

For example, vegetarians and vegans eat more fat than I do. This is because a whole-food plant-based diet contains much less refined carbohydrates like added sugars, added oils and refined grains like pasta and bread.

‘In the beginning, I lost weight from 200+ lbs. down to 185 lbs. and got stuck there. But, as soon as I reduced chips, crackers, bread and tortillas switching to more beans, rice and potatoes, I steadily lost about 5 lbs. a month down to my old high school weight @ 158 pounds…’ ~ your author

In my opinion, a plant based diet is more abundant in fruits, vegetables, and legumes which supplies much more fiber and antioxidants. Furthermore, I don’t eat fish, dairy and eggs like some vegetarians do.

Vegans may drink soda pop and eat candy bars. I don’t do this. Lastly, all my protein is plant based of which the highest daily percentage comes from pinto beans. Yet, every single fruit, vegetable, grain, seed, nut and legume contains protein in varying amounts.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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