Why Having A Positive Mindset Matters More Than Ever…

We all know if we keep eating bad food we will suffer penalties of weight gain, poor health and shorter life.

The food we feed our minds is our habitual thinking patterns. Through the years thoughts become automatic. Our current and past mental activity made us into the person we are.

I try to overcome bad ways of thinking or habits by being aware of what I tell myself. Changing how I talked to myself has changed my life. For example, here’s what I say to myself to stop something. Maybe, it could work for you, too. Try it, it’s free and only takes a few seconds…

‘I remember when I used to do this or that…’. It does work quite well, if you really do want to stop doing something. You can’t fool you. Yet, if one keeps thinking something over and over, even if it is a lie, it eventually materializes becoming your truth.

“You could also say to yourself: ‘I remember when I used to love cheese and meat on my pizza’. This implies you now eat a meatless chees-less pizza. A homemade pizza with sauce, onions and mushrooms tastes absolutely incredible”! ~ your author

I feel I have read a thousand and one books about the mind. What they suggested didn’t work. I really hate reciting affirmations because it seems so phony. Yet, if you are finally sick with negative things, talking to yourself positively will make you feel better about you and our world right away.

Try to catch yourself when you start saying…

  •  I am too old to do this or that
  •  I am not good in school
  •  I am not mechanical
  • The truth is we are the kind of person we think we are

Something inside ourselves literally believes what we say to ourselves. For example, our moods change when we think negative thoughts. If you will correct yourself and say ‘I feel great’, even when you don’t, it may change things around. This is what I do, and it does work.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. I am not a professional or trained therapist. There is no shame in seeking guidance from a marriage and family counselor for mental and/or emotional issues.

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