R U A Corona Virus Isolation Guy? Watch Two Easy ‘Do It Yourself’ Haircut Videos!

If you are a guy you might want to study these videos about giving yourself a haircut. Me and my wife have been self isolated for a while now because we both are in the higher risk group. What this means is we are older.

Here’s two videos I watched that told me what I needed to know to give myself my own haircut. Never did this before, but often thought about it. It wasn’t a perfect haircut at first, but you do get better at it with practice. I didn’t realize how easy it is. And, my wife even loves the results in how I look. It’s like anything, the more you practice the better you get.

So, take a few minutes to watch these videos and you will learn all you need to know to give yourself a decent haircut all by yourself. And, if you have a woman that cares about you, maybe she can help you out.

Both my wife and I, don’t want to take the chance of returning home with the virus. Because if one gets it, the other will likely, too. When and if you are older like me, you will understand. When young, you may think it won’t happen to you. Maybe, it will or won’t. But, I certainly won’t take that chance.

‘We are not sure when this corona virus thing will end, so in the meantime, we get our groceries delivered and I cut my own hair. And, as for my wife, I trim her toenails. And, because I love her, I will paint her nails whenever she gets around to asking me… (this is between me and you, so don’t spread it around, OK’? ~ your author

When you decide to cut your own hair, think about all the money you’ll save. Furthermore, if you don’t tell anyone you do it yourself no one will ever know (unless of course you make a very drastic mistake, which you won’t if you take your time and have patience.) My wife liked the job I did the first time. But, I tried to get fancy and make it better and messed up a bit. You know the old saying, ‘if it works don’t fix it’?

The second time around, I listened better to the instructions on these two videos and then my haircut turned out OK. But, at the same time, I still messed up a little on the top because my hair is thinning there.

In other words, I leave it longer on the top. So, I will learn to use scissors and put the hair between my two fingers next time (like I remember the real barbers do) to shorten the longer hair on top my head. Good luck! It worked out good for me satisfactorily and likely will for you, too. Try it, it costs nothing and will save you a wheel-barrel full of cash.


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