Some RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) Patients with May benefit Fasting followed by a Vegetarian diet: What The Research Says…

If you have symptoms of RA like I think I have, you might be interested to read about how diet may influence all the aches and pains you suffer from. Your doctor may also be interested in the research I found.

I know from my own experience that when I eat certain foods, I will pay the penalty of inflammation right away or the next day possibly lasting for weeks on end. For example, eating anything with palm oil. I believe that eating largely plant based whole food has largely eliminated symptoms in me.

For example, I have found that wheat, barley, rye, oats, even corn triggers an inflammatory response. Therefore, I no longer eat bread. But, rice doesn’t bother me. Of course, I have learned to further alleviate painful symptoms by pressure cooking rice, tomatoes, beans and potatoes, which all do contain lectins.

I don’t follow the diet they used in the study. For example, the only oil I currently use is extra virgin olive oil, because any other like corn oil triggers inflammation.

I don’t use any sweets such as honey, brown sugar or white refined. I don’t eat dried fruit because it sticks to the teeth causing dental caries. Besides my daily smoothie, I only eat berries like strawberries and blueberries, but try to get organic because the non-organic are sprayed with pesticide.

I don’t eat many seeds and nuts, but do use flax seed powder daily in our green smoothies along with black currants and other ingredients. I don’t drink herbal teas because I never really liked them. I drink either Japanese Sencha tea or Chinese Dragonwell loose leaf when available. I make a pot of one or the other daily.

 ‘In summary, the results show that some patients with RA can benefit from a fasting period followed by a vegetarian diet [1]’

I like coffee, but haven’t been drinking it. I used xylitol (supposed to help teeth) as my sweetener, and last but not least, half and half creamer. I also eat about 4 avocados weekly, but occasional sourdough bread with avocados. Most of the time, I spread it on fried potato slices. You might want to try this, it’s delicious! Bread isn’t the best choice…

To conclude, I don’t fast. I just don’t like going hungry. But, I do not usually eat until about noon because I tend to be a night owl and late morning sleeper! What I do eat of fruit before 12PM is small. It amounts to a handful of berries and sipping my small cups of tea. Then, anywhere from 12 to 3 or 4PM, I eat another meal. I eat when hungry. No chiseled in concrete schedule.

I rarely eat meat, but do take B12 tablets every day. I am older, so I take 1,000mcg total of the two types of B12. I play it safe. I take 500mcg of each (Methyl and cyanocobalamin) because, depending upon who you ask, the so called experts will swear the other is better.

Rheumatoid_arthritis_treated_with_vegetarian_diets (1)

*Currently, I don’t feel there’s been enough research on xylitol. Use caution and listen to your body.

Source- 1 Kjeldsen-Kragh, Jens. (1999). Rheumatoid arthritis treated with vegetarian diets. The American journal of clinical nutrition. 70. 594S-600S. 10.1093/ajcn/70.3.594s.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. If you think you may have RA, see your doctor. Don’t try to self-diagnose.

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