Is Xylitol (a natural sweetener) Safe? Why It Could Be The Sweetest Story Your Teeth Ever Heard!

I wish I would have found out about xylitol sooner, before I kept buying stevia, monk fruit, and erythitol sweeteners. I bought one that had a combination of stevia, monk fruit and erythitol. It was OK, but I kept feeling something in it was hurting my teeth. How do I know? I believe in what my body tries to tell me. I felt it.

‘Xylitol, to me tastes exactly the same as refined white sugar. I am impressed! You add the same amount for a sweetness without the bitterness. Said by dentists who believe in prevention of tooth caries, it makes teeth smooth preventing plaque buildup and starves sugar eating bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) that live in your mouth…’ ~ your author

Another natural sweetener which I had experimented with had two ingredients, which were stevia and erythitol. Another, had pure stevia. Stevia, to me has a bitterness I don’t like. It’s almost like I would rather not use it. Yes, it has high sweetness, but there is always that lingering bitterness left behind.

xylitol health garden
Xylitol Photo courtesy of Health Garden®

Now, I was watching YouTube® videos, (I don’t watch most TV anymore) and I watch a huge variety, and somehow I was looking up something about dental hygiene and discovered a few dentists who believed in preventative dentistry. Amazing how some medical practitioners are willing to do the right thing over doing the wrong making tons of money.

‘No dentist ever told me how to prevent cavities except for Dr. David Kennedy in this YouTube video below…’ ~ your author

I never understood how those old fashioned dentists I fired (who ruined my teeth in the past to make a quick buck) could look at themselves in the mirror. Simply know, they are not like you and I…

The dental industry as it now stands needs a complete overhaul and radical change in function. I admit, that in some instances, just like a broken arm, one requires professional medical attention.

‘Make sure your xylitol is non-GMO made from the bark of birch and beechwood trees. Some brands are made from corn. Don’t buy those…’ ~ your author

Preventing an ailment, condition and disease from developing in the first place is best to do. You don’t go ahead and allow problems to develop in the teeth, then drill them, put crowns on them, do root canals and pull them out!

‘You may want to begin your search for a dentist who believes in prevention. Your teeth will thank you…’ ~ your author

I personally have found that adopting a plant based whole food diet in itself helped reduce my own dental problems. I hope you benefit from the information in this post. If you are the only one who benefits, I have written well.

‘Xylitol is a useful adjunct to traditional methods for caries control and prevention [1]’.

*Currently, I don’t feel there’s been enough research on xylitol. Use caution and listen to your body.

Source- 1 Söderling, Eva. “Controversies around Xylitol.” European Journal of Dentistry, Dental Investigations Society, Apr. 2009,

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. I have no financial interest in products on this post, and hesitate endorsing any dentist’s, physician’s or health expert’s recommendations. This page is your author’s opinion, therefore use information presented agreeing with your own judgement.

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