Reasons Why Positive Beliefs Absolutely Create Successful Outcomes…

This may seem more like a psychological question, but at the same time I believe it to be a philosophical question pondered through the ages. I think thinking positively applies to losing weight as well. For, if one believes he cannot lose inches off his waist, then he will be exactly right, he cannot.

It appears when we believe something true and we try doing otherwise, we unconsciously sabotage our efforts. We may not be aware outcomes are entirely of our own creation.

‘I feel the positivity of my belly no longer drooping my pants down. Halleluiah, no more of that dreadful plumber’s crack’!

If ones life had many negative outcomes, it is likely that same person has caused or attracted those conditions to himself. It’s hard to envision what we sow, we reap. It is easier to blame situations, conditions and others for our plight. But, if we planted a bad seed decades ago and our baby monster blooms tomorrow, we rarely recognize we caused it into being.

‘Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

In general, CBT teaches you different ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting to the obsessions and compulsions [1]’.

Instead of 99% of the time watching mainstream media TV, it is now at 1%. Why so? Way too much negativity for me. I feel so much happier without it. Try it for yourself and see. It seems when you mix profit with advertising, the money will always prevail as the most important attribute. I have heard it said that ‘positive news is not news’. I disagree.

Be careful what things you think and allow in your mind. We may not think watching our thought patterns important, but if we suffer anxiety and depression, something is definitely causing it. And, reading the morning newspaper with all the horrors of the world is not the beginning of a positive day. A lie repeated often enough, becomes the new truth.

I know personally, that diet affects how my body feels. For example, when I experience inflammation in my joints and throughout my body, I should not be surprised it also affects my thoughts and moods adversely.

In other words, what travelled in my bloodstream elsewhere causing inflammation finally arrives in my brain affecting it similarly. Ones entire lifestyle changes when he finally decides to eat plant based whole food. Doing so brings permanent weight loss, better health and longer life. I am living proof.

*Further positive thinking reading, ‘How to manifest your desires by Neville Goddard’

Source- 1 “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: When Unwanted Thoughts or Irresistible Actions Take Over.” National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. I am not a professional or trained therapist. There is no shame in seeking guidance from a marriage and family counselor for mental and/or emotional issues.

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