Why I Closed My Experiment: List Of What I Stopped Eating And Drinking, Forever (My Explanation May Surprise You…)

I wanted to give a heads up on what things I’ve stopped eating and drinking. To make it clearer, I have made a list of the most important ones and explain why I stopped consuming them. What I have to say might help you decide to quit certain drinks and food. I certainly hope you will benefit at least in some small way.

  • I limit alcohol
  • Coffee, half and half creamer and xylitol as a sweetener (coffee makes my heart skip a beat, dairy fat isn’t good for the heart, not enough research into long term affects of Xylitol, yet)
  • Extra virgin olive oil: Yes, some say it’s healthy, but there is conflicting research which implies otherwise. Using it to cook with changes its structure possibly making it unhealthful to use that way, but a tablespoon a day on your salad may be beneficial. Yet, eating more green salad may in itself cancel unhealthiness of the oil. If you use EVOO, be sure it’s genuine 100%. I understand Pompeian® and Bragg’s® are good sources.
  • I will eat a small amount of chopped black and/or green olives spooned on my salads
  • Coconut milk (is saturated fat. I now avoid all fats except for those in nuts, seeds and avocados)
  • Any kind of chips like potato and corn (has omega 6 oil which causes inflammation)
  • I limit salted and unsalted pistachios (too much salt and unsalted are raw with more lectin potency
  • Too much salt will cause you to lose calcium in your bones. I am older, so I need to keep the calcium right where it belongs. I cannot afford to squander away extra calcium!

I have realized that since I am as old as I am, that my body doesn’t neutralize the effects of toxic food and drink like it used to. For example, if I drink alcohol, I don’t feel as energetic. I may not feel like doing much.

‘They say a small amount of alcoholic drink is OK. Maybe, maybe not’

My wife never liked drinking. She set a good example for me to follow. My 2020 update on how I currently eat, here.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. I don’t receive any financial compensation from products I’ve mentioned.

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