Reasons Why I Feel Like I’m In My 20’s @ 68…

When you change your diet as dramatically like I did, you sometimes get lost. It’s an ongoing learning process. What I mean is that you forget things. A healthy diet is dual in nature in that it is entirely simplistic yet at the same time complex in how it works to make you lose weight and maintain it, get healthier and live longer.

In cultures that eat primarily plant based whole food, it is known they are healthier, trimmer and live longer than we do in the US on a typical American diet. How would we know better unless we begin suffering from ailments, conditions and disease?

‘Suzie 72 @ Suzie’s Opinions says she feels like she’s in her twenties. Find out why’

Then, we question why we are in so much pain. But, we don’t want pain, we would rather feel good. Unfortunately, we will have to give up certain foods completely to achieve this.

‘After awhile, you know you did the right thing in many ways eating plant based whole food’

About a year or two into my brand new eating plan, I discovered the way to feeling like I did in my 20’s. But, somehow I got confused and as you will learn, it’s easy to do. Bad food is highly addictive in case you didn’t know. I forgot how I ate that made me feel so good. I had to get the memory back and remember so that I could get back on tract ASAP.

It’s a fact that’s been proven time and time again eating plant based whole food can transform ones life. But, quitting what you know you shouldn’t eat is like a wild roller coaster ride. You crash and burn, but you have to dust yourself off and get back on that ‘ride’.

‘I found diet and exercise aren’t the only things essential to change our lifestyle. We need to learn to think more positive thoughts and less negative. Shutting the TV off, helped me quite a lot. I learned to relax. Meditation is easy to learn’

When one makes the mistake of going to the store hungry, he is then in for ‘it’. Your stomach and mind will ‘play tricks on you’. They also package things in such a way it makes you want to buy them without even knowing ‘why’.

All of a sudden you wonder ‘was it I who put this junk food in the cart’? Therefore, never go to the store hungry or you will pay the price in feeling lousy after you eat that box or bag of ‘whatever’.

‘What really helped me feel much younger is when I got stricter with myself in keeping to a diet low in sodium, sugar and oil. What this means is consuming relatively nothing that’s been refined and processed. I eat 80-90% plant based whole food like intact fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, white rice and potatoes. Once you do this consistently, you will not only lose weight and maintain it automatically, but feel better and hopefully live longer. Currently, your author here, is 68…’

I hope you will understand that I can’t recommend a certain diet because I will be acting like a doctor, which I am not. But, I bet you could ask me questions most doctors don’t know the answer to about diet, health and weight loss!

Why? They aren’t trained in what a healthy diet actually is. And, for me, I’ve found it to be plant based whole food. I learned this through my own experience, not by reading a ‘fad diet’ book.

*The best way to explain how I eat is to take a look at this page I wrote, here. You will find out all you need to know to begin eating a plant based whole food diet.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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