Staying Sane Coping In The Midst Of Covid-19

First of all, I am not a trained psychologist. Yet, I have though read many books on psychology in and out of college.

But, that does not qualify me to give advice. So, although I have opinions, I feel there is no shame seeking counsel of a marriage and family therapist.

“Counselors have their place. But, what about this Covid-19 [1] thing that’s killing thousands of people around the world? How can you keep your ‘head on straight’ dealing day to day with the fear of catching something like that? Me and my wife are in the high risk group…”

We have our groceries delivered and I take great steps to sanitize all the packaging and cans before they enter our house. Most stay stored in the garage for days as another precaution.

‘It might be a good time to decorate your house differently. For example, we moved plants from the backyard to the entry, made one room a cat room, the other an office hanging pictures in different spots. Didn’t cost one thin dime…’

I am a devout learner. Thank God for YouTube®. It is a handy learning tool, from fixing my vacuum cleaner to watching cat videos and too much more to list here. But, then there’s cable… I remember someone saying ‘500 channels and nothing on’? Still true and their bill keeps coming.

Our state of mind determines our happiness. I sincerely don’t believe we have the luxury of a negative thought these days. For example, I no longer watch the nightly news on mainstream TV. Too much predictable negativity.

‘My wife and I are retired, so we can stay home. We no longer have to show up for work everyday…’

What helps me cope with the current situation with no end in sight, is meditating. Furthermore, I exercise lightly each day, eat plant based whole food, don’t drink alcohol, watch how much coffee and tea I drink because of the caffeine, drink filtered water, get out into the sun for Vitamin D, take B12, stay up late, write posts for both my websites, sleep in as late as I want to in the morning and play with my kitties and pet them often throughout each day.

All this serves to make me happy. So, find out what things make you happy and do more of them. Your body, mind and spirit will reward you by feeling happy.

Source- 1 “Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. Be sure to consult a marriage and family counselor for mental and emotional issues.

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