Reflections On Being True To The Real You…

If it’s not OK being you, then who should you be? I have learned that I have evolved into a different person through the years. I am not the same individual I was even five years ago, let alone further decades into my past.

‘Change more often than not comes by being prompted because of situations and circumstances unexpectedly thrown on our life paths which make us walk around, jump over, stand still or plow through…’

Even if you are unsatisfied with the kind of person you are, it helps more than not to simply accept the way you are. We can’t change overnight, but if we know which flaws we want to correct, then that’s a start in a new direction.

‘You have to believe in you, become your own leader and follow your heart, because all too many say they know the way and by that will absolutely take advantage of the follower, leading him the wrong way, draining away his hard earned money…’

I am not a trained psychologist, although I’ve read much of the subject in my past. What I have learned most from is living life. I have made many mistakes. But, it seems we learn from pain the best. So, why would one change if his life went well? We wouldn’t want to give a pleasant no problem life up, would we? We like the party that keeps on going.

‘But, problems are here to stay. We don’t solve them all and that’s it, no more problems. I guess that would be nice, but it’s not reality…’

Thinking back, I like myself a whole lot better than I used to. I think I’ve made every mistake imaginable to man. Now, I don’t need to undergo the same lesson twice. I don’t want to repeat.

“In my past, others seemed to know themselves much better than I. Some people are naturally ‘street smart’. I was always naïve and trusting of the wrong people who took advantage. I learned later on to trust my intuition. It never fails you…”

I have often wondered my purpose and mission in life. I think in the end it comes down to your decision. But, you have to know yourself. I guess I never did when it counted the most.

‘I avoid watching the nightly news. Way too negative, a real mind polluter. Don’t allow bad thoughts to nest in your head…’

I took personality and career tests in college. At the time, they didn’t help guide my life the way I’d hoped. The test administrator asked me if I was depressed. Maybe, I was. I never got it diagnosed.

Yet, I can’t remember if any test told me I should write or not. It’s been a long time. But, this is what I do now. Write this, that and the other. It keeps me going. Find out what you like to do the most, then persist in doing it often.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. Furthermore, there is no shame in seeking counsel of a marriage and family counselor.

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