This Writer’s Coping Strategies During Corona-19

Maybe, you might be wondering what this author does with his day? It might be the same kind of stuff we writers all do…

All I can tell you is what this particular one does with his life. Yet, I don’t think it’s much different than anyone else, although I could be wrong.

‘I mow the lawn, trim the tree, fix the plumbing, stay up late, take naps and daydream quite a lot…’

I am very grateful I don’t work for anyone. I am retired, so I can write about anything whenever I get the urge. I’ve never been a ‘joiner or team player’. It’s just the way I am. I took the MBTI® in college and it told me I was the INFJ personality type. So far, their interpretation seems to have been the right ‘fit’.

‘I’ve earned license to be eccentric. I am old…’

Through the years I’ve honed my writing ability. I was so embarrassed and ashamed how crummy I used to write when I came back to edit next day. I have written hundreds of thousands of words, possibly millions. It’s what ‘weeds’ things out.

‘There’s a lot to say about health giving benefit of humor…’

Writing is an evolving skill. In my opinion, it takes years. Furthermore, I don’t think it can be taught.

I think I am a regular guy. But, do regular people write poetry? Maybe, maybe not. I do this every day. Writing posts for both my sites tends to keep me centered.

‘You have to be you, be it a right or wrong you…’

I hardly watch any regular TV anymore, especially evening news. But, I watch plenty of kitty videos and how to fix things around the house on YouTube®.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. For mental and emotional issues consult with a marriage and family counselor. I receive no financial compensation for link to Myers Briggs® Org..

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