5 Real World Tips To Help Offset Bad Food Temptation…

Honestly, I never stopped loving how I used to eat. But, there is a difference. I simply don’t eat and drink the way I used to because I am aware of the consequences. I would rather feel healthy, stay trim and fit and know I will live the longest possible in good health. Yet, when young I didn’t think this way. We all think we are going to live forever until that time we realize we have grown old and begin having all these mysterious ailments, conditions and disease…

How To Reduce Temptation Eating Unhealthful Food…

  1. Avoid watching food commercials on TV
  2. Get friends who support your new way of eating
  3. Remember that healthy food will keep you trim, healthy lengthening your life
  4. Throw all your ‘fad diet’ books in the trash where they belong!

One reason why I don’t watch mainstream media TV anymore is that you get bombarded by wrong food commercials. If you keep watching pizza, burger, candy, ice cream, ribs and everything else, you get hungry for them.

Don’t get ‘fooled’ into buying some diet plan with food delivered to your door. It isn’t real food. There is no ‘short cut’ to weight loss that’s healthy despite what the advertisers promise.

And, as for all those ‘fad’ diet books, most of them belong in the trash. Why? In my opinion 99.9% of all the authors just want to make money. How would I know?

They keep coming back every so often written with a slight ‘twist’. I have tried them all in the past and almost died on one plan that said to eat all the animal products you wanted.

Don’t get ‘tricked’ like I did. Decide you are going to eat real food. What is real food? Real food is plant based whole food like bananas, salads, broccoli, rice, potatoes, etc.. It’s natural intact food like eating an apple or green salad with a side of beans and rice.

‘Poor diet quality is the leading cause of death both in the United States and worldwide, and the prevalence of obesity is at an all-time high and is projected to significantly worsen [1]’.

You even find delicious food videos on YouTube®. I start watching food challenges where one wins a prize for eating the whole thing, gets the meal free and a T-shirt. I catch myself shortly into it and say to myself ‘what am I doing watching this’! Like anyone else, I get hungry for wrong food.

So, it’s important eating plant based whole food to have support for continuing doing so. And, you won’t find it on TV, nor with friends and family who think you crazy eating such an extreme diet! But, know it isn’t crazy, it’s completely rational saving your health and life.

‘I don’t think many of us think about a healthy diet unless we start not feeling good. Unfortunately, the pain that comes along with various ailments, conditions and disease is best teacher…’

In my opinion, if you eat 80-90% of your diet plant based whole food, you are in the minority of the world. I would guess we would be called the 1%.

‘Just stay mindful of the fact that cultures around the world who eat mostly plant based whole food are healthier, trimmer and live longer than those of us in the USA’

Source- 1 Campbell, Erin K, et al. “Evaluation of an Eight-Week Whole-Food Plant-Based Lifestyle Modification Program.” Nutrients, MDPI, 3 Sept. 2019, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6770132/.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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