Is There A ‘Suicide Pandemic’ Rising?

I am really glad I have time to watch videos on YouTubeⓇ. I learn lots of interesting things there. I guess that’s one of those rewards you get when retired. You get more time on your hands. Lately, I noticed there’s quite a few videos about those who have chosen to commit suicide.

‘Suicide does not discriminate. People of all genders, ages, and ethnicities can be at risk. Suicidal behavior is complex, and there is no single cause. Many different factors contribute to someone making a suicide attempt. But people most at risk tend to share specific characteristics [1]’.

It seems many of our youths are being bullied at school and on social platforms. Apparently, there is an epidemic of loss of self worth.

‘Life is not easy for anyone. It may appear so, but in reality everyone feels pain as well as joy…’

I was bullied in school until I got sick and tired of being pushed around and stood up to the bullies. Then, they left me alone and picked ‘softer’ targets. But, now we are all grown up. Do you have a boss who’s a bully? Bullies are everywhere, so how does one deal with them? Do we all bow down to the bully and kiss his feet?

‘You must look in the mirror and like who you see. I am 68 and likely look my age. I have decided I rather like my gray hair and bald spot on the back of my head’!

Good health is essential to ones own happiness and longevity. Who wants to be overweight, sick and die under the knife in a hospital?

‘In this day and age, we don’t have the luxury of thinking negatively. It only tends to make things worse…’

Personally, I would like to live to 100. I sincerely believe we increase our chances of reaching that age eating 80-90% plant based whole food.

‘I meditate when feeling overwhelmed. It returns me to my center. My wife says it works for her. It’s wife approved! You can learn it fast, here

Decades ago, cigarettes made my heart skip a beat. When I drank too much coffee I would have ‘anxiety attacks’. Stopping smoking was the hardest bad habit I ever tried to stop. But, I did it. Quitting drinking alcohol was easy. Currently, I drink a pot of Japanese tea daily. How I eat, here.

Source- 1 “Suicide Prevention.” National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. If you have mental or emotional issues consult with your marriage and family counselor or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text the Crisis Text Line (text HELLO to 741741). Both services are free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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