Notes On Becoming The Person You Truly Are…

As I’ve said before is that I watch a lot of YouTube® videos. I find it a great place to learn things. Watching someone repair things around his house has helped me in numerous occasions to fix my own ‘stuff’.

Besides this, don’t we all want to be liked and loved exactly for who we are? I would imagine some care and some don’t. Personally, I have become the person I should have allowed to appear. Now, the cat’s let out of the bag and you can call it ‘me’.

So far I haven’t gotten any thumbs down, but I don’t want to ‘jinx it’. I know you can’t please everyone, and I really don’t know if I try to or not. But, I probably do because I’d rather be liked than not.

I am human like everyone else, but it’s sure satisfying to put some of my ideas out there hopefully benefitting one of my reader’s lives in at least some small way. Yesterday, I watched a video with quotes from Carl Jung. And, one stood out…

‘The privilage of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” ~ Carl Jung

So, if you are a seeker, his quote is very interesting. How does one become who he truly is? I have thought about this often searching here and there, mainly outside of myself for that answer and never found it there.

As we experience our own reality inside ourselves (our thoughts and feelings) we are tricked into thinking there actually is something ‘out there’ existing. This is kind of a hard thing to put your mind around that there is nothing out there despite it seeming that there is and that to the contrary what is true is that everything appearing outside is actually happening inside our own heads!

‘Does reality exist within our own imaginations? If so, there is no fate because we are creating each moment we experience in time’

In conclusion, I have personally found it best when in doubt simply to be myself. It’s a risk worth taking. You may find real friends because you are revealing your true flawed self. Be who you are no matter how imperfect you feel you are. I know that once I accepted myself the way I was with all my faults, I evolved from then on.

Source- Wikipedia and YouTube

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. If you have mental or emotional issues consult your marriage and family counselor.

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