What Happens When You Believe In You, Just The Way You Are?

My last post was about sleeping difficulties, depression, anxiety and stress. I am not a doctor, so that supposedly means I am not an ‘expert’. Although I’ve read many psychology books, I speak from my own experience, my best teacher.

‘You’ve likely heard what one sows he reaps? We forget negative thoughts, which are seeds that eventually grow into a harvest we blame on fate instead of from our own planting long ago’

Nonetheless, the most important ‘take away’ I would like to share is for one to without any conditions believe in himself and do his own thinking. In my opinion, this act alone will save one from much difficulty in life.

‘We still do have a choice in which thoughts we ponder, even in this day and age of uncertainty. Choose the positive loving thought over the negative and hateful…’

In life, when I listened to the ‘prevailing wisdom’, family and people’s opinions and had taken their advice I always failed. Listening to others hasn’t served me well. I did learn at an older age to believe in my gut feeling and follow what my intuition tells me without any proof whatsoever. Doing so always worked and still does without fail.

“As the positive psychology movement gains momentum, both within psychology and in the broader culture, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that the complexity of individual personality and psychological processes do not get lost in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to improving human functioning [1]”.

We are all inside these bodies of ours and have to abide by laws of physics. In other words, we can’t flap our arms and fly like birds or jump ten feet in the air!

‘There are ‘pop-psychology’ books out there where the only purpose they were written is to make a quick buck. I should know, I bought them all at one time. Should’ve saved my money. They all eventually went where they belonged. In the trash…’

I have learned that escaping your feelings through alcohol, cigarettes or whatever doesn’t bring happiness for long. Yet, I have found meditation helps bring me back to my ‘center of being’. It’s almost like a computer ‘reboot’. It’s not hard to learn and takes even less time practicing. I become, ‘stabilized’ once again.

‘You can’t escape life, don’t even try. But, if you have succeeded, you soon will get out of practice…’

One can try escaping ‘feelings’ by eating unhealthy food. But, one gallon of ice cream leads to the next. And, then we gain weight and are unhappy with ourselves. Other examples are eating pizza, hamburgers and anything else we know isn’t good for us. Eating bad food may make us feel good for a while, but it doesn’t last and in the end may have dire consequences for our health.

‘Life is not easy. It wasn’t made that way. We must become the person we truly are…’

Source- 1 EC;, Norem JK;Chang. “The Positive Psychology of Negative Thinking.” Journal of Clinical Psychology, U.S. National Library of Medicine, pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12209860/.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. If you have mental or emotional issues, consult your marriage and family counselor. If you suffer from substance abuse, see your family physician.

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