‘7’ Reasons Why Research Supports Drinking Coffee

There is a distinct difference in how I felt drinking organic coffee versus green Japanese tea. I know there’s more caffeine in coffee, but I am thinking there’s a hidden ingredient or more that affects me adversely that’s much different from the way tea does.

‘Our findings suggest that daily coffee intake is associated with decreased risk of the development of chronic kidney disease [1]’.

I know some have ‘sensitivity’ drinking coffee that others don’t experience. For example, I knew someone who felt a sense of ‘impending doom’ when drinking coffee. Another, like myself had their hearts ‘skip a beat’.

‘Coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections, although the association was not seen for cancer [2]’.

I have learned how I felt drinking coffee wasn’t my imagination at all. I can’t find anything on the internet stating much bad about coffee drinking. It’s a billion dollar global industry, that because of demand will undoubtedly stay in business.

‘There is more encouragement lately in favor continuing drinking coffee. Yet, I hear if one drinks 70 cups or more in a day, it would kill him! Quite a few pots of coffee I would guess…’

It seems different food and drink affects blood sugar levels making one hungry. But, it also seems when I drank coffee, since it’s ‘acidic’, gave me false feelings I was hungry when not.

“I have found coffee drinking isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, despite health benefits I keep on hearing to the contrary”

Who wouldn’t want a pastry or doughnut with coffee or a bagel slathered with cream cheese? Sounds great to me, although I know better not to do it! And, if I don’t buy it and have it staring at me in my refrigerator, every time I open the door, I can’t eat it.

‘There are thousands of chemical compounds in coffee that are currently being researched [3]’

I don’t drink coffee anymore, I drink a daily pot of Japanese loose leaf green tea I brew myself. It gives me a ‘calm’ energy. Drinking coffee made me feel anxious, stressed, angry, argumentative and aggressive. Good way to feel if one is working in a very competitive field I would say. But, these days I prefer a feeling of ‘inner peace’. That’s the ‘me’ this writer desires feeling like when he writes his daily posts.

Source- 1 Jhee JH;Nam KH;An SY;Cha MU;Lee M;Park S;Kim H;Yun HR;Kee YK;Park JT;Chang TI;Kang EW;Yoo TH;Kang SW;Han SH; “Effects of Coffee Intake on Incident Chronic Kidney Disease: A Community-Based Prospective Cohort Study.” The American Journal of Medicine, U.S. National Library of Medicine, pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29906428/.

2 “NIH Study Finds That Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk of Death.” National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 31 Aug. 2015, www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-study-finds-coffee-drinkers-have-lower-risk-death.

3 “List of Chemical Compounds in Coffee.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 16 Aug. 2020, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chemical_compounds_in_coffee.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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