How A World Famous Millionaire Became That Way In Only 6 Steps…

We all want to be successful and achieve what they call the so called ‘American dream’. It seems many do not attain that state of material acquisition or more accurately, state of mind. Yet, whatever the dream may actually turn out being for you, we likely get a different definition from person to person.

‘To Become Successful the first step is to have a vision’ ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

If one does not know (have a vison of) what he wants, it’s like taking a drive not knowing where you are going. Finally in my life, I have found this so obviously true. I came upon a really insightful video I watched the other day I believe very worthwhile if you are having trouble becoming successful in those things you are doing with your life.

I have read many success type books in the past, and eventually they all got thrown in the trash where they belonged because they didn’t help me. One thing I noticed about highly successful people is that they are self actualized individuals. They think for themselves ‘creating’ their own unique path they walk upon.

‘You don’t have to follow in someone else’s footsteps, just make your own path by knowing where it is you want to end up at’

They are their own leaders and consequently become leaders of others. But, one can get caught up in following someone who has been successful and pay him outrageous fees for guidance we actually don’t need to follow. In other words, simply believe in yourself and be your own leader. You don’t have to lead others, just you.

‘How do you define success? Love, money, career, possessions? How about having good health? That in itself is worth millions. Have patience because what’s worthwhile in life takes time and effort, for success never happens overnight. And, those who say it does are lying’

Keys to health and success…

  • Eat plant based whole food
  • Don’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or use drugs
  • Know and decide what it is you want in life
  • Listen to you and think for yourself
  • Most importantly, totally disregard anyone who tells you that you ‘can’t do it’

You don’t need to buy someone’s book, but you can listen to the opinions of someone who has ‘been there’, and thereby know that how he got where he did must work. At least it works for him, but something else might work better for you and I.

‘Name any success book title and I probably read it…’

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.


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