Healthful Reasons Eating Vegetable Lentil Rice Soup Recipe Everyday

Many believe there’s nothing to eat being vegetarian or vegan. But, it’s a misconception. They have more choices than the way I eat. But, you would have to eat more refined and processed foods of which will likely make you overweight, sick and shorten your life.

Everything within my site is written through my own experience trying this and that. And, I do have citations which back up much of what I say from mostly the NIH. I do have many other sources, but this government site seems more than adequate for my writing needs. They have their own version lentil soup recipe you might want to try out [1].

‘You could make this soup in a crockpot, keep it on low letting it cook all day, then anytime you come into the kitchen hungry, simply dish up another bowl’

I tried vegetable stock making soup countless times. But, I have found it just doesn’t cut it for me. It also has ingredients like MSG and sugar. I need chicken taste in my soup! I started looking around and reading labels on broth, soon discovering a superior one made by Swanson. I use it because the only ‘bad’ ingredient is chicken. They have a low sodium, but I use the unsalted version in all my soups. And, if it needs more salt, I salt it as I eat.

Swanson chicken broth
Photo courtesy of Swanson®

INGREDIENTS: Chicken Stock, Salt, Natural Flavoring, Chicken Fat, Yeast Extract, Water, Carrot Juice Concentrate, Celery Juice Concentrate, Onion Juice Concentrate.

My Favorite Vegetable Lentil Rice Soup…

  • These days, I only use my ‘pressure cooker‘ to make soup
  • Cooking times will vary, but you can use a crockpot (2-4 hours) or pot on stove top (1 hour)
  • Chop up one large carrot
  • Add a can stewed tomatoes (16 oz.)
  • Add your chicken broth 32 oz. (the only animal product or broth I use)
  • *Use vegetable broth if you prefer
  • I add about a cup extra tap water because of the rice and lentils
  • Chop a couple stalks of celery
  • Cut up half an onion
  • Dice a small zucchini
  • Add any vegetables you like
  • Throw in handful of spinach or power greens
  • Pour in a 1/4 cup each of lentils and rice (rinse them first in colander)
  • Sprinkle basil, parsley, paprika, ground pepper and garlic powder

*Check out my pressure cooker, here.

I was overweight not feeling well for quite a few years. I can’t even remember when I felt really healthy. But, when you decide to eat right, one has to give up other things he may enjoy like alcohol, eating chips and other processed and refined foods. We are essentially as healthy as the food we eat. Nonetheless…

‘Make it your goal to eat 80-90% plant based whole food’

I’ve fallen off the diet wagon many times. Why? Wrong food is addictive just like alcohol. You might read my post about damaging effects of alcohol, here. Stopping drinking was one of the best things I’ve done additionally eliminating meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, wheat products and most other grains (except for rice,) soy, refined oils and processed foods.

Source- 1 “Lentil Soup Recipe, Eat Right.” National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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