Why Constructive ‘Daily Routines’ Create Healthy Lifestyles

Why is having a routine best? You could also ask why was the universe created rather than not? My answer is it’s better having a plan for our existence. Meaning is a good thing, and we decide what that is. The secret is in prioritizing what’s most important to one in his life.

We have to know what matters most. It’s the same as we need to define who we are and not leave it to someone else’s judgement. There’s plenty of books for sale by authors who say they have the ‘answer’. Save your money. I must have bought them all. Where are they now? In the trash where they belong.

‘I stay up late, sleep in, eat when I’m hungry, exercise, do my chores and write. Doesn’t sound like much of a routine, but I tend to habitually repeat this everyday’

How about, believe in you and think for yourself? Works for me. I know from personal experience that when I looked inward and listened to me over others, my life went well. And, when I listened to ‘them’, my life ‘always’ turned disastrous!

“Positive enjoyable routines are a good thing. We wake up looking forward to our day. For example, I enjoy making a pot of my Japanese loose leaf green tea that gives me a ‘peaceful energy'”

I am purposely not an ‘early riser’ in the morning. Why? I don’t want to be after working 40 years in a profession I had to get up at 4AM. I hated my job and stayed in it for the money.

‘Be OK with who you are, you have plenty of time to work on changing details you don’t like’

You don’t get another crack at life, but if I had to do it all over again, I would have trained for another career. In other words, do what you love for a living, the money will come later.

Repeat doing those things you enjoy doing everyday. You might need to find a new hobby. If you are older, you likely will change your mind about what’s important in life. Values change, goals change.

‘Believe in you and everything will turn out just fine’

People lose friendships and get divorced. Such is life, and life doesn’t care one way or the other if we are happy or sad. That’s where free will comes into play. Decide to keep a positive outlook on life despite prevailing evidence to the contrary. In the end result, attitude or state of mind creates the outcome.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. If you have mental or emotional issues consult your marriage and family counselor.

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