On Extra Virgin Olive Oil Being Healthy: Do We Trust Validated Scientific Research Or Olive Oil Sellers?

I got a comment the other day correcting me about extra virgin olive oil. They fervently said it was healthy for you. After further thought, I clicked on their link. No wonder they didn’t agree with my post about extra virgin olive oil. Lo and behold, they sell it on their website! Of course they are biased. Nonetheless, research persists revealing all refined oils injure the endothelium layer of our arteries (the innermost lining.)

‘If a tablespoon or two of EVOO a day makes you eat more salad, would this be so bad? Maybe, maybe not’

When you get comments like this one telling you what you are saying is wrong, you should know its source. This ‘olive oil seller’ totally ignored scientifically validated citations in my post proving olive oil and all other refined oils bring damage to our cardiovascular system. Furthermore, it wasn’t my first post about EVOO.

Yet, if you have a similar issue and don’t want comments on your website that are negative or something you simply don’t believe in, you just might want to visit this WordPress link, here.

‘Do yourself the healthier favor… If you want fatty acids that are good for your body; be sure to eat olives, seeds, nuts and avocados in moderation. Skip all refined oils, even extra virgin olive oil’

I share information I have thoughtfully researched to the best of my ability. And, I disclose information I have personally experienced I feel may be of benefit to you, one of my valued readers.

‘Remember you have a permanent link embedded on one of your post’s comment section. They have just left their mark for your website visitors to click on their link leaving your site going to theirs. If you don’t like their comment, what do you do? Just as important, what’s in it for you’?

The only product I sell is ‘Japanese green tea’ (you can visit my link if you like, here. And, I do make a small commission with each sale used to help maintain this site.)

‘Be careful with what comments you keep, a few spammers and scammers may still find a way to filter (weasel) through’

If I knew my tea was bad for ones health, I would promptly remove the advertisement from this site and stop drinking it altogether. I also have numerous posts on health benefits of drinking green tea, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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