Stop Eating All Refined Grain Products For ‘1’ Week And See If You Feel Better (My Aches And Pains Disappeared!)

You might be suffering from mysterious aches and pains all over your body and wonder why. If you are a devout rice eater like I have been in the past, you might want to stop eating it for a while. Why? As you may or may not already know, rice has arsenic in it. But, there is more to this story…

  1. I don’t eat wheat nor any other grains
  2. Like rice (arsenic) and rice milk (added oils)
  3. White rice and white potatoes are high glycemic index foods (I still eat potatoes)
  4. Eating foods such as these can help exacerbate (AGE) or advanced glycation end products which stimulate inflammation
  5. This includes eating russets, white rice, chips, crackers, bread, tortillas and other refined flour products
  6. All refined oils (corn, safflower, sunflower which are high in Omega 6 and olive)
  7. Further reading in this post, here

Getting healthier after one loses weight can become a ‘roller coaster’ ride. In other words, gaining better health doesn’t stop with weight loss. You will likely have to ‘fine tune’ your diet for feeling your best. All plant based whole food may not be good for you.

That’s what I discovered along the way of my weight loss, better health and longevity ‘learning’ journey. Everyone is different and if you are like me, your body will become more sensitive to foods you eat the healthier you become.

This is really quite a strange phenomenon. One might think he’d be more immune to effects of bad food the healthier he becomes. But, I’ve become the opposite. For example, there’s this one doctor who swears by EVOO (extra virgin olive oil.) I did my experiment with that as my own ‘test rat’, and found out it isn’t true for me.

Olive oil doesn’t make me healthier. On the contrary. So, I’ve learned you can’t always believe even what the so called professionals state. So much misinformation and so little time for rebuking.

Funny, how one physician will state something and another will disagree. Where’s the continuity? I’m afraid it’s with you and I using our own minds and thinking for ourselves sifting through all the misinformation simply because someone wants to sell something with questionable benefits.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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