The Unhealthy Snack Trap: Why Do I Keep Eating ‘Bad’ Food I Know I Shouldn’t?

Why do we all eat that which we know better not to eat? I think we all do it. Who wouldn’t start eating from a bag of open chips on the kitchen counter if he had the craving? I know I would.

It does matter what we eat the most of. But, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to eat it in any amount. Did you know that chips are made with oils that cause inflammation?

‘I make hummus for a snack with celery’

Most have refined oils like corn, sunflower or safflower oils. Palm oil is one that really gets me inflamed. You will find that one in microwave popcorn.

‘A key thing to keep in mind is to try to eat most of your food (80-90%) plant based whole food. This means foods like a banana because it’s intact’

I realized after a few years why I lost my craving for candy. I found it was because I ate foods like beans and potatoes. Rice I stopped because of the arsenic. Yes, all rice has it and depending upon where it is grown determines how much arsenic is in it.

I don’t think anyone can ‘get over’ cravings for certain snack and junk food. With things as they are, it’s virtually impossible. If you eat plant based whole food, you are in the minority of people. Being a vegetarian or vegan is different. They eat refined and processed food.

‘If you don’t buy it, it won’t be there to get into when you get those cravings…’

When one eats plant based whole food, he doesn’t overeat. He stops when full, unlike eating from a bag of potato chips. I don’t stop until I eat the whole bag. I am a potato chip addict.

“We can easily eat because we are ‘stressed out’. But, unfortunately bad food doesn’t make us feel good for long…”

Thank goodness I love my potatoes and beans, because they keep me from being hungry for hours. It’s because they have ‘resistant starch’. And, as for that bag of salty delicious crunchy chips… Be sure not to go to the grocery store hungry. Eat until you are full before you go.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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