A list of the Healthiest Foods ever

Did you know, eating the healthiest foods can help you lose weight? Eating whole food can take you back to the weight you were meant to be, make you healthier lengthening your life.

For example, I am now at my high school weight and my blood pressure is lower than its ever been. I also feel better than I did in my teens. It’s still very amazing to me what plant based whole food can do for you. If it works for me, it surely can for you, too.

These are plant based whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Now, some are more nutrient dense than others, but it is probably a safe bet that even the lowest ones on the ladder would be better for you than any fast food place.

On the top of the list for nutritional density is the green leafy kale. Beans, potatoes and brown rice fill you up and add needed calories. They add the bulk to make me feel full and satisfied.

Of course, grains aren’t near as nutritionally dense as the greener vegetables, but I just can’t eat fruits and vegetables by themselves. You also need a certain amount of calories besides nutrients daily. Potatoes, beans and brown rice provide the calories and bulk.

On the other hand, you can get all the calories you need by eating fruit. For example, I need about 2000 calories a day to maintain my current weight. So, if I were to only eat Bananas, I would have to eat twenty of them @ about 100 calories each for a good sized one. But, that wouldn’t happen. I can’t just eat one thing as a mono-meal. I have to have variety.

I mix my fruit in different proportions. I use oranges, mangoes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cantaloupe. I don’t use these all together at the same time, but throughout each day. Now, my wife is different. She’s a strawberry, banana, apple, and orange person who likes spinach as her green salad with lemon on it.

But, you need certain nutrients fruits don’t provide. You wouldn’t survive strictly on fruit. You need vegetables, too. I have provided lists of foods to avoid and those that are the healthiest and most nutrient dense.